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Dean's Letter

Dream of a Lifetime

Dean Lyons

Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82, speaking at the 2017 Alumni Conference

It’s funny how dreams take hold of us. When I came to Berkeley as an undergrad 35 years ago, I had no intention of becoming an academic. I didn’t even know any academics to dream of becoming one. But the Haas faculty instilled in me a passion for economics so strong that I knew I had to pursue it. And they helped me envision a future that I had not seen before.

To be asked to join the Berkeley faculty after earning my PhD was my first dream come true. Serving this remarkable institution as your Dean has been the second—it has been more fulfilling than any job I could imagine. And like many of you, that stems from the fact that Berkeley has transformed my life.

In the summer of 2018, I have decided to transition out of the Dean role after 11 years (one year as acting dean and ten as dean).

We have accomplished a lot together in these 11 years, and in the coming months, I look forward to thanking many of you personally. This is not the place for me to review all that you’ve helped make possible, but this fall, for example, with insights and donations from alumni, we will enroll the inaugural class in an undergraduate dual-degree program with our wonderful College of Engineering: the Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (M.E.T.) program. This is the first example of a new vision we are calling “Science in Business” that will lead to more interdisciplinary, dual-degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

This and other exciting initiatives are putting Berkeley Haas in a good place for the next dean to carry our school forward. It’s exactly the right time for this transition.

As for my tenure, we’re not finished yet! We are going to get some remarkable things done over this next year together. I hope you’ll join me at our events and gatherings throughout the year.

My thanks to all of you for your friendship, support, and all the heart and soul that you have put into this remarkable place for so long. I know that we will all be “all in” for Haas for years to come.

Go Bears,
Rich Lyons, BS 82
lyons@haas.berkeley.edu | @richlyons

Tour de Force

Berkeley Haas MBA students work to unite youth cyclists


MBA students from the Social Sector Solutions class gathered with their client on the last night of class.

While cycling is the most popular outdoor recreational activity in the U.S., only 24 percent of kids aged 6 to 17 participate, according to a 2016 Outdoor Industry Association report. Across the country, scores of youth cycling organizations are working separately on the same big goal: to get more kids safely riding bikes. How much more effective could they be if they had a way to pool resources and work together?

That was the vision that the Youth Cycling Alliance (YCA), a coalition of 11 youth cycling organizations, brought to Berkeley MBA students in the Social Sector Solutions (S3) course this spring. It was a daunting task that would involve compiling information on the country’s 12.5 million young riders, creating a national database, and developing common best practices to unite the disparate groups.

The S3 course, co-taught by Adj. Prof. Nora Silver, faculty director of the Center for Social Sector Leadership, and Adj. Prof. Paul Jansen, a former director at McKinsey & Co., is designed to solve problems for nonprofit clients.

The Haas team, which included Peter Severson, Nahry Tak, Kyle Koning, and Federico Picca, all MBA 18s, and Amy Traver, MBA/MPH 18, concluded that the YCA needed to align on a shared vision, establish a culture of trust, and form immediate partnerships. They recommended six “quick wins” to immediately get more involvement in youth cycling.

For Severson, the project was socially and professionally worthwhile. “Through our successes and failures, I forged skills that I will employ throughout my career in whichever direction it takes me,” he says.

Reviving Health Care Insights

IHaas helps spearhead health management journal relaunch for nonacademic audience


Scholars and experienced executives in management, policy, and innovation have insights that can help improve the health care sector, but their contributions often fail to reach the right audience of practicing leaders. A resurrected quarterly journal, Health Management, Policy & Innovation (HMPI), reintroduced this spring after a four-year hiatus, aims to change that by covering real-world problems faced by decision makers in the health sector.

HMPI targets the people who run health policy and health care institutions, as well as teachers and students in business school health care management programs. Its topics range from fostering innovation and coordinating supply chains to the broad challenge of making affordable, high-quality care widely available. The articles are accessible to both academic and nonacademic readers.

Berkeley Haas is among the consortium of leading business schools that relaunched the online journal. Editors include Adj. Prof. Kristiana Raube, who also serves as executive director of the Graduate Program in Health Management and the executive director of the International Business Development Program at Haas. Read it at hmpi.org.

Feedback from Our Readers

Spring 2017

I am happy to read “our” magazine these days.

I graduated 20 years ago with a BS in business administration and applied to Haas because I read a book by an ambitious woman entrepreneur and was inspired. Also, I was working for a computer technology startup at the time, so I felt like learning about business would be useful.

I’ve studied a lot of different people, cultures, and businesses since then. I am proud of my degree from Haas and proud to associate with the folks mentioned in “our” magazine. Thank you!

Corbi L. Wright, BS 97
Creative Executive at Colorbee Productions

Editor’s Note: Our sincere apologies to Benny Du, MBA 13, for an erroneous alumni note posted under his name in the Spring 2017 issue.

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By the Numbers

Speaking of Berkeley

Earlier this year, UC Berkeley alumni were surveyed about their experiences as students and alumni, both campuswide and as part of their individual schools. Here are some of the results.

Haas alumni who are very satisfied or satisfied with their student experience

Haas alumni who believe they received a lifelong professional network

Alumni who agree UC Berkeley has exceptional professors and academic programs

Alumni who agree UC Berkeley produces grads committed to making the world a better place

Word that came to mind when thinking about UC Berkeley: excellence

Word that came to mind when thinking about UC Berkeley: public

Word that came to mind when thinking about UC Berkeley: diverse