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On the Cover:

Goodbye Business Plan, Hello Lean LaunchPad

Rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship.

videoWeb Extra

Watch a video about Dreambox, a startup at UC Berkeley Skydeck.

Building a Startup Ecosystem: Q&A with Prof. Toby Stuart

How Haas, the university, and the East Bay can support entrepreneurship.

Get Out of the Building

Haas Lecturer Steve Blank pioneers a new model for teaching entrepreneurship.

Risk Takers

Haas entrepreneurs and VCs share insights on navigating risk.

The Accidental Spy

Alum Kenneth Taylor plays a major role in the Iran hostage crisis and the Oscar-winning movie Argo.


Haas List

Finance Prof. Ulrike Malmendier wins the 2013 Fischer Black Prize.

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Haas News

Dean Rich Lyons on catching the Haas culture wave.

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Berkeley Baby

Haas culture transcends generations


Teen Spirit

Prof. Ross Levine on teens and entrepreneurship.

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Lior Reitblatt

CEO, Super-Pharm, Tel Aviv

Michelle Wald

NIKEiD Business Director, Nike Europe, Amsterdam

Marc Singer

Director, Marketing & Sales Practice for the Americas, McKinsey & Co., San Francisco

Nicolas Goldstein

CEO, LAN Peru, Lima, Peru

Ismael Benavides

Former Minister of Economy and Finance, Lima, Peru

Zulma Guzmán

President, Urbia SA, Bogotá, Colombia