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Welcome to the electronic version of Berkeley Haas and its predecessor, CalBusiness, the alumni magazines of the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. The online edition includes all features and major articles published in the printed magazine.

The Managing Editor of CalBusiness is Ronna Kelly. Contact Ronna at 1-510-643-0259 or with questions or comments or to receive a complimentary copy of Berkeley Haas or CalBusiness.


The Leadership Issue
Fall 2012

  • A Force at the Fed: Vice Chair and Haas Prof. Emeritus Janet Yellen leads in extraordinary times
  • Audacious Mission in Africa: Patrick Awuah, MBA 99, aims to transform a continent through higher education.
  • At the Forefront of Finance: Prof. Mark Rubinstein plays a crucial role in understanding options.
The Culture Issue
Summer 2012

  • How Haas' Defining Leadership Principles are sparking change at the school.
  • Win-Win: Haas athletes apply lessons from the field of sports to the world of business.
  • Wicked Solutions: Senior Lecturer Sara Beckman's unique Problem Finding, Problem Solving course.
  • Culture Club: Three alumni help foster their companies' unique cultures.
The Food Issue
Spring 2012

  • John Foraker, MBA 94, leads Annie's beyond the kids' menu to an IPO.
  • The Future of Food
  • LA Chef Eric Greenspan reinvents an American Class
  • Haas in the Wine Country
Business Leader of the Year
Fall 2011

  • Life Saver: Haas connections in the MBA class of 2008 help prevent the death of a baby boy.
  • Your Haas Network
Outside the Classroom
Summer 2011

  • Outside the Classroom: Haas expands experiential learning to build innovative leaders.
  • Your Haas Network
Hardly Strictly Business
Winter 2011

  • Henry Chesbrough on Open Services Innovation
  • Your Haas Network
Hardly Strictly Business
Fall 2010

  • Hardly Strictly Business: Cal Alum Warren Hellman Plays to His Own Tune in Investing, Philanthropy
  • Your Haas Network
Breaking Through
Spring/Summer 2010

  • Breaking Through: How Three Alumnae Blazed Their Own Ways to Success
  • Your Haas Network
Nobel Achiever
Winter 2010

  • Nobel Achiever: How Oliver Williamson revolutionized the way economists look at organizations.
  • Your Haas Network
Business Beyond Borders
Fall 2009

  • Business Beyond Borders: Richard C. Blum, BS 58, MBA 59, is the recipient of the Haas School’s 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Your Haas Network
Setting a New Direction
Summer 2009

  • Setting a New Direction: Dean Rich Lyons on the Haas School's distinctive approach to developing leaders
  • Your Haas Network
The Future of the Economy
Winter 2009

  • The Future of the Economy: Five Haas Experts Propose Solutions for the Current Crisis
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Shantanu Narayen, MBA 93
Fall 2008

  • Top Acrobat at Adobe: CEO Shantanu Narayen, MBA 93
  • Your Haas Network
Dean Tom Campbell
Spring/Summer 2008

  • Dean Tom Campbell: Business as a Noble Pursuit
  • Your Haas Network
Business Leader of the Year: Barbara Desoer
Fall 2007

  • Business Leader of the Year: Barbara Desoer
  • Your Haas Network
Transforming Markets
Summer 2007

  • Transforming Markets
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The Quiet Revolutionary: Paul Otellini
Winter 2007

  • The Quiet Revolutionary: Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel
  • An Innovative Mindset
Business Leader of the Year: Barclay Simpson
Winter 2006

  • Business Leader of the Year: Barclay Simpson
  • Your Haas Network
Leveraging the Power of Two
Summer 2005

  • Leveraging the Power of Two
  • Your Haas Network
A Banking Legend: A.W. 'Tom' Clausen
Winter 2005

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Haas School Recognizes A.W. "Tom" Clausen
  • The Politics of Energy in California
Applying Rocket Science...
Summer 2004

  • Applying Rocket Science to Business Decisions
  • Learning by Doing: Real-life projects Prepare Students
A Matter of Business: Howard Lester
Winter 2004

  • A Matter of Business: Williams-Sonoma's Howard Lester
  • Beyond Dot-Com: The Marriage Between Business and Engineering
Smart & Ambitious -- 

Haas Undergraduates Mean Business
Summer 2003

  • Haas Undergraduates Mean Business
  • Returning the Gift of Education
Wireless & Global
Winter 2003

  • Wireless & Global
  • Bricks and Mortar Boards
Haas Welcomes its New Dean, Tom Campbell
Spring 2002

  • Former Congressman Tom Campbell Named Dean of the Haas School
  • Learning from the Boom: Five Lessons From the 90s
A Lifetime of Leadership
Winter 2002

  • Building a Legacy
  • Keep it Simple, Marketer!
  • The Tyson Years

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