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Haas Alumnus Uri Berman, BS 52, Passes Away


Uri Berman, BS 52, a pioneer in the computer industry who was influential in the development of the Data Language/I computer database system for the Apollo space mission, died at home surrounded by his family in Palo Alto March 19, 2007.

Berman, 78, graduated with a degree in accounting. After graduation, he worked for Myer Pritkin, Inc., an accounting firm, until 1954. He left Myer Pritkin to join Plastic Processing Co., where he worked for four years. In 1958, Berman was hired by IBM and remained with the company until retiring in 1994.

Shortly after joining IBM, Berman was assigned to work in the space division of North American Rockwell Co., which was building the Apollo capsule. To keep track of parts scattered throughout the company's manufacturing and design facilities, he and a team of programmers wrote a software application to allow engineers to access the latest drawings and information about the capsule parts from inquiry terminals, all of which were connected to an IBM 7010 that stored the data.

Berman later worked on the development of software to support disk operations. The resulting program was called Disk Applications in a Teleprocessing Environment (DATE) and the Data Language/I system, which became the basis for IBM's Information Management System.

"He was very grateful for his education at Cal," says his wife Jackie Berman. "He felt that, even though there weren't computers when he attended Cal, the education he received prepared him for an outstanding career in the computer industry." 

The family requests that donations in honor of Berman be sent to the Institute for Curriculum Services project of the Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco or Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills.


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