Fall 2007

In Brief

Haas Welcomes New MBA Students

The Haas School welcomed 482 new full-time and evening & weekend MBA students this August. Statistically, the new classes had the highest grade-point average and the highest GMAT scores in the school's history.

The 239 new students who entered the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program emerged from an increasingly competitive field. The median GMAT score was 710. Applications increased by 20% this past year, up from 2,727 to 3,276. Admission was offered to 14% of the applicant pool.

Many students in the incoming class bring experience in management consulting, finance, and high technology. Two individuals are studying in the program on Fulbright Scholarships and one is a Point Foundation Scholar.

The Evening & Weekend MBA Program welcomed 243 fully employed students, who have an average age of 32 and 8 years of work experience. Their median GMAT score is 700. About 45% already hold advanced degrees.

The students' work experience is wide-ranging; students include a US Air Force officer, a wedding planner, a pharmacist, two Mensa members, a US Navy mission commander, and a former television reporter.

Earlier in the summer, the Haas School also welcomed its sixth class in the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program. Students in the class possess an average of 13 years of work experience. Twenty percent work in high technology, 12% work in consulting, 11% work in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, 9% each work in finance and in computer-related services, 6% each work in telecommunications, retail, and in education/government/nonprofit, and 5% each work in real estate and consumer products.

Included in the class are a manager of the bands Xzibit and Blackalicious, a southern California clothing designer, and a director from the famed Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon.


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