Fall 2007

In Brief

Hochbaum Joins Defense Research

A team of UC Berkeley researchers including Haas School Professor Dorit Hochbaum was recently awarded a $7.1 million federal grant to develop nuclear-detection technology to better protect the nation from terrorist threats.

The Berkeley team will work on the Detection of Nuclear Threat Initiative (DONUT), a three-pronged approach to enhancing nuclear detection capabilities. The project will focus on identifying methods and technologies to detect nuclear threats faster and more accurately, on developing detection instruments, and on designing algorithmic and software infrastructure to analyze large data sources and recognize patterns that could indicate a potential terrorist threat.

Hochbaum and her fellow researchers competed against 132 teams from universities nationwide for the funding. The team also includes Edward Morse, a professor in the department of nuclear engineering and the team leader; Eric Norman, a professor-in-residence in the department of nuclear engineering; Brian Wirth, an associate professor in the department of nuclear engineering; and James Siegrist, the head of the physics division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


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Prof. Dorit Hochbaum

Professor Dorit Hochbaum