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Kathleen Earley, BS 75, MBA 77

President and COO, TriZetto
Newport Beach, Calif.

Kathleen Earley's move from telecom pioneer to health care technology executive might seem an unlikely leap. But the transition makes complete sense to Earley, BS 75, MBA 77, president and COO of health care software maker TriZetto. "The common theme throughout my career is applying technology toward solving hard business problems," she explains.

At Newport Beach, Calif.-based TriZetto, Earley is tackling inefficiencies within the health care system. Her company's software systems target everything from administrative waste to improving the cost and quality of hospital care to building networks that better manage patient disease.

While at Haas, Earley's fascination with global monetary systems led to a thesis on currency trades in the pre-computer era. "What I took away from Berkeley is to never be afraid of the numbers or the story the numbers tell," says Earley, whose first job out of Haas was selling IBM's technology to Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

After 17 years at IBM, Earley joined AT&T in 1994 and founded its first Internet business division, developing and marketing services like Internet access and Web hosting to corporate customers.

She grew the division into a $1 billion powerhouse that provided a data communications backbone which helped fuel the Internet boom. By 2001, however, after working under four AT&T chairmen, Earley turned down the chief marketing officer job and decided she needed a break.

"I took three years off, served on five corporate boards, and got to finally enjoy my kids and go to a baseball game," she says.

After pondering early retirement, Earley accepted a job in 2004 with TriZetto instead, joining company founder Jeff Margolis' mission to change health care. Since Earley joined the now ten-year-old company, TriZetto's annual sales have nearly doubled from $280 million to a projected $500 million in 2008.  Within the last few months, she also helped sell TriZetto, which was publicly traded, to a private equity firm for $1.4 billion.


But for Earley, success is not only financial; it's about revolutionizing an inefficient industry and enjoying the ride. "Every day I learn something, and I love it," she says.


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Kathleen Earley, BS 75, MBA 77

Kathleen Earley, BS 75,
MBA 77

President and COO, TriZetto
Newport Beach, Calif.