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Business Beyond Borders

Richard C. Blum, BS 58, MBA 59, is the recipient of the Haas School’s 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Leading Through Innovation

Adjunct Professor Henry Chesbrough, PhD 97, receives the Haas School’s Leading Through Innovation Award.

Innovation Wizards

Innovation Wizards spotlights Haas School alumni and students who are putting fresh ideas to work.

Your Haas Network
Your Haas Network

Darrell Rodriguez
President, LucasArts
San Francisco

Your Haas Network

Danae Ringelmann
Co-Founder, IndieGoGo
San Francisco

Your Haas Network

David Porter
CEO, 8tracks
New York

Your Haas Network
Your Haas Network

Linh Do
Country Director, Worldwide Orphans Foundation
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Your Haas Network

Pashupati Advani
Director, Advani OTC Dealers
Mumbai, India

Your Haas Network

Shaukat Khan
Director, Mehboob Film Studios
Bandra, India