In Your Words: Haas Culture

By Marcelo Vasquez, MBA 02


Students always.
Confidence without attitude.
Question the status quo.
Beyond yourself.


When thinking about our defining leadership principles, I always come back to the Parable of the Talents, which has marked me very strongly over the years. This story tells us that no matter how many our initial talents are, we ought to make the most out of them and multiply our gifts. We should be “Students Always” if we want to continue to develop and grow.


This guiding principle was the one that moved me out of Chile, looking for the best place to continue growing in every dimension I could. My decision to come to the Haas School proved to be one of the best of my life.


From the first days at Haas we were invited to get involved. It was up to each of us, the same way the master asked the servants in the parable, to pick up the challenge and grow our talents. Haas gave me the opportunity to get involved in the MBAA, multiple student clubs, the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas program, and even as a graduate student instructor. I didn’t know it at the time, but all these activities gave me as much as, perhaps even more than, the regular courses of the curriculum.


Now, almost ten years later, I can see that we were able to distill our school essence through the defining leadership principles at Haas. It is clear to me that these are what make Haas special, but, as with the talents in the parable, we are all going to be asked one day what we did with them. The graduates who continue to learn and build on their Haas education will create abundance in their lives. It’s in our nature to make a difference.

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