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New Graphic Identities Unveiled for School, Programs

The Haas School of Business has a new graphic identity. After many years, the school recently adopted an official logotype and has begun to apply the new graphic brand to a wide range of marketing communications. The new look is shown on this page, and a non-adhesive window sticker of it is bound into this magazine.

The Haas School's new logotype is joined by a new graphic identity for its MBA programs - now grouped under the umbrella brand name of The Berkeley MBA - as well as a separate graphic identity for the new Berkeley Columbia Executive MBA Program (see illustrations). The introduction of these graphic brand elements is one of a series of marketing steps being taken to create a more coherent and compelling brand identity for the Haas School and its growing number of management education programs.

Berkeley Columbia Executive EMBA Program The Berkeley MBA

The new graphic elements place a renewed emphasis on the UC Berkeley name in order to leverage the university's powerful brand, which is known and respected around the world. The Berkeley brand is also central to the Haas School's identity, as well as being one of its clear points of differentiation from competing business schools. The school's strategy is to optimize use of the UC Berkeley brand to open doors for the Haas name and to help it grow in public awareness.

"Although we may be 'Cal' locally, the name that is known and admired globally is 'Berkeley'," said Interim Dean Benjamin E. Hermalin. "The Haas name ties us to the best in business leadership - financial success combined with a strong ethic of corporate responsibility and social conscience."

In addition to harnessing the power of the UC Berkeley identity, the new Berkeley MBA brand describes a key fact: The graduates of all four MBA programs at the Haas School - full time, Evening, Weekend, and Berkeley Columbia Executive MBA - will all receive the identical UC Berkeley MBA degree upon successful completion of their studies. The marketing of "The Berkeley MBA" underscores to prospective students that they will receive the same value and quality MBA education, regardless of the program they choose.

The genesis for the graphic design changes is a brand identity study of the Haas School conducted by Prophet Brand Consulting, a firm started by Berkeley MBA alumni. Prophet co-founder Scott Galloway, MBA 92, provided the effort pro bono for the school. The firm uses the branding methodology and insights of David Aaker, Haas marketing professor emeritus, who is now vice chairman of Prophet. Jane Hambleton of the firm of Cuttriss & Hambleton in Berkeley designed both the Haas and The Berkeley MBA wordmarks. The New Orleans design firm Zehno designed the Berkeley-Columbia logo.

The official name of the school remains the Walter A. Haas School of Business - or the shorthand version, Haas School. "The Prophet study noted that the Haas family's reputation for leadership in business, philanthropy, and community service resonates perfectly with this business school's community mindedness and its long identification with corporate responsibility issues, and UC Berkeley's official mission of public service," said Richard Kurovsky, the school's executive director of marketing and communications.

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New Graphic Identities
The Haas School has introduced new graphic brands for the school and some of its academic programs.
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