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Gift to Create Classroom for Distance-Learning

Cal parent Dong Koo Kim and BP Industries have pledged $715,000 to the Haas School of Business to create a distance-learning classroom for Haas students.

Kim, whose sons, Joon Kim and Richard Kim, received their economics degrees from Cal in 1994 and 1998 respectively, has been a generous donor to the Haas School since 1997. During the Campaign for the New Century Kim made several major gifts to the Haas building campaign, including a naming gift for the Dong Koo Kim Faculty Conference Room.

Kim's latest commitment will help the Haas School build a distance-learning classroom for use primarily by students in the Executive MBA program and the Center for Executive Development. It will be located on the fourth floor of the Student Services Building and will be a tiered classroom equipped with the most up-to-date teaching and learning aids. Distance-learning facilities, such as this classroom, are seen as the way for schools such as the Haas School to provide instruction to distant classes and share faculty talent with other institutions. The school views this new facility as a showcase classroom for students and faculty. Current construction plans for the new classroom will have it completed in the fall of 2002.

Dong Koo Kim was educated in his hometown of Seoul, Korea. Before coming to the United States, Kim was already a very successful entrepreneur specializing in international trade of general consumer goods. With his expertise and experience in consumer products, Kim founded BP Industries, Inc., soon after he came to California.

Kim says his ultimate goal is to improve human life through higher education. He believes that students who pursue higher education have proven to be assets to society. Kim and BP Industries, Inc., have worked closely with UC Berkeley on ways that he can assist the university in its mission. Kim characterized his gifts to UC Berkeley as "an investment in society where returns can be broadly maximized." He believes that the lives of many students have been bettered or changed immensely, directly and indirectly, by attending UC Berkeley. Over the years, Kim has made various gifts to charities and colleges, and he plans to continue to make "investments" of this kind in UC Berkeley and other institutions in the coming years.

Kim believes that UC Berkeley is the kind of institution that will help him realize his goals of improving human life. He is especially pleased that UC Berkeley continues its efforts "to prepare students - generation after generation - for the tasks of today and the challenges of tomorrow."

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Dong Koo Kim

Dong Koo Kim
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