In Your Words: Haas Culture

By Karin Bauer, MBA 94



Confidence without attitude.
Question the status quo.
Students always.
Beyond yourself.


The defining principle that resonates for me is “Beyond Yourself.” In addition to my professional life, I’ve been actively involved in philanthropy, and my time at Haas influenced that. When I was there in the early ‘90s, a group of us formed the Berkeley chapter of Students for Responsible Business. Among my favorite classes was the ethics course taught by David Vogel, a precursor to the Center for Responsible Business. We were very concerned about approaching decision-making with an ethical lens.


When I embarked upon my post-MBA career, I wanted to work with companies that were making a difference, not just in the marketplace, but by helping people. I was drawn to eBay, a start-up that was deeply committed to its community of users. We helped people launch businesses doing what they loved, and even heard from those whose eBay businesses had helped them get off welfare.


This was an extension of what I learned at Haas: You can maintain these key values in the workplace. You can do better business. Today, I’m launching my own sustainability strategy consulting business, OnePlanet Group, working with companies and nonprofit organizations internationally to build sustainable enterprises.

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