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Hideki Hirano, MBA 02, has been singing the praises of the Haas School in the Japanese magazine Nikkei Business Associe — from October 2002 until March 2003, Hirano penned a series of six stories on his experience getting an MBA. The title for the series was “A fulfilling struggle for MBA — Master of Being Ambitious!” In the articles, Hirano described how getting an MBA changed his life. “Nikkei Business Associe is a magazine targeted at young professionals, including those thinking about attending an American business school.” A freelance journalist, Hirano consults and does media training for business executives in Japan.

Paul Otellini, MBA 74, president and COO of Intel, was profiled in Business 2.0 in May in the article, “The Man Who Will Be King.”

Thomas Schultz, MBA candidate 2004, a student from Germany, has been writing for the German business paper Handelsblatt about his MBA experience at the Haas School for the past year. He gives a personal account of his life as a Berkeley MBA student and answers readers’ questions about the school’s admissions process, the program, and the value of its network.

Michael Milken, BS 68, appeared in Forbes Magazine on May 1 in the article, “Knowledge Universe gives Leapfrog shares to backers.”

Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams, MBA 86, commented on how the Bush administration is doing in USA Today on April 27 in the article, “How’s USA’s first MBA President doing?”

William F. “Rick” Cronk, BS 65, appeared in Forbes magazine on April 24 in the article, “Dreyer’s serves up bonuses for its two top executives.” Cronk is president of Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Inc.

Shazam Entertainment, a company founded by Chris Barton and Philip Inghelbrecht, both MBAs 00, continued to make news this year. VentureWire on April 24 reported, “Shazam Entertainment raises $6M Second Round,” and Revolution covered Shazam’s Best Innovation award at the BTOpenWorldInteractive Music Awards. Shazam enables people to use their mobile phones to identify song titles and artists by sound.

John Hanke, MBA 96, appeared on National Public Radio on April 3 in an interview about his new company, Keyhole. Keyhole provides high-resolution 3D imagery often used by news media during the Iraq War and made news on CBS, 60 Minutes, Forbes, and PC World earlier this year.

Bob Lutz, BS 61, MBA 62, remarked on Americans’ “horsepower arms race” in the February 24 issue of Newsweek in the article “My Engine is Bigger Than Your Engine.” He was also featured in Newsweek on January 13 in an article titled, “The Fast and the Luxurious.” The piece is about the Cadillac 16, GM’s new $250,000 concept car.

Jon Altschuler, MBA 01, vice president of Stream Realty Partners, was featured in The Dallas Morning News on February 21 in the article, “Leasing agent’s pitch is a trip back in time.”

“Hot or Not,” a successful internet business started by James Hong, MBA 99, was featured in USA Today on February 20.

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Hideki Hirano

Hideki Hirano

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