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New Haas Investors Strengthen Ties to School

The Haas School recently created a new program that allows companies and foundations to invest in the future of business management and build ties to the school by giving to the Haas Investors Program.

Membership begins at the $10,000 level, and funds are applied to the school’s most immediate priorities. These often lie in the areas of faculty recruitment and retention, research, curriculum development, and student services. Stephanie DiMarco, chairman and founder of Advent Software, one of the first partners in the program, comments, “As a business leader, I know that maintaining flexibility is an important way to meet challenges while delivering an excellent product. By providing the Haas School with unrestricted resources, my company is helping to improve key areas of the school.”

Member organizations in the Haas Investors Program enjoy benefits that include increased visibility, personalized services, and streamlined opportunities for recruiting. “Investors find that affiliating with one of the most distinguished schools of business in the country helps them to maintain their own high profile on many fronts,” says Jeff Rhode, who manages the program. “The relationship they create with the school is mutually beneficial.”

In addition to Advent Software, other recent members in the Haas Investors Program are Bank of America Foundation, Eastman Kodak Company, Goldman Sachs, Progress Investment Management Company, Sit Investment Associates, and the Walter & Elise Haas Fund.

For more information on the Haas Investors Program, contact Jeff Rhode in Corporate and Foundation Relations at 510-642-1907 or by e-mail at rhode@haas.berkeley.edu.

New Development Councils in NY and LA

Last fall the Haas Annual Fund extended its network of fundraising volunteers by creating two regional development councils in New York and Los Angeles.
The new councils are focusing on increasing annual fund participation from alumni and providing stewardship activities for donors in their respective regions.

The New York volunteers have already completed one telethon, and they have hosted a thank you luncheon for annual fund donors with Dean Tom Campbell at Morgan Stanley’s midtown headquarters. The following alumni are members of the New York Development Council: John Appel, BS 85; Eduardo Cabral, BS 98; Wendy Hsu, MBA 02; Jane Knop, BS 02; Philip Livingston, MBA 83; Rob Nicholson, MBA 95; Christopher Nuttall, MBA 02; Kathryn O’Connor, BS 98; Margaret Spencer, MBA 92; and Jeff Woods, MBA 98.

The Los Angeles council is comprised of three teams that are focused on acquiring new donors among recent graduates and renewing prior donors. The following alumni are members of the Los Angeles Development Council: Ted Cordova, BS 97; Jared Herzikoff-Cornell, BS 02; Michael Ho, MBA 90; Sid Jordan, BA 74, MBA 76; Joy Kovaleski, BS 77; Steve Lurie, BS 00; Connie Marmet, MBA 84; Aaron Martinez, BS 92; Jim Ryan, JD/MBA 89; Marla Ryan, MBA 88; Ron Saxena, BS 00; and Melisa Wilson, MBA 88.

The new regional councils have also inspired new membership in the Bay Area Development Councils. The following alumni joined the Bay Area council this year: Melissa Daniels, MBA 00; Mark French, MBA 98; Hans Grande, MBA 02; David Hughes, MBA 01; Moira MacMahon Regueiro, BS 97; and Cecilia Pang, BS 00.

Leadership Society Formed

The Haas Annual Fund launched the Haas Leadership Society with a dinner in the Wells Fargo Room hosted by Dean Campbell in October, 2002. Sixty alumni and friends attended this special evening that recognized annual fund donors of $1,000 and higher and the members of the Haas Development Council.

Creating Lifelong Connections

The Alumni Relations office and the Haas Annual Fund teamed up this spring with seniors, second-year full-time MBA students and third year Evening MBA
students to promote Haas LifeLong Connections, or Haas LLC. The program includes a website (http://www.haas. berkeley.edu/alumni/llc/index.html), teams of LifeLong Connections class leaders and a tabling campaign during the last few weeks of spring classes. Haas LLC informs graduating students of the value of staying connected to the school by becoming active alumni post-graduation and the impact their involvement with the school can have on current alumni and future generations of students.

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The family of the late Soloman Lee
Lee Ethics Chair Established

The family of the late Soloman Lee, MBA 76, presented a check for $1 million to Dean Tom Campbell to endow a faculty chair for a faculty member to conduct research and teaching in business morals and ethics.

Katherine Lyn-Nan Keil and Kinman Tong

Undergrads Recognized by Boeing

The Boeing Company has recognized two Haas undergraduate students, Katherine Lyn-Nan Keil and Kinman Tong, for their outstanding academic achievements by awarding them the Boeing Undergraduate Scholarships.

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