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A Note from the Alumni Council President

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m an MBA 79 from UC Berkeley’s business school. I took classes in Barrows Hall and spent many hours in the basement of Evans Hall typing punch cards for the CDC 6000 – all to complete my 299 thesis project. I’m an anachronism, a relic of the era before the school acquired a separate and well-appointed campus, the Haas name, several additional degree programs, and a high-profile dean.

I’m also President of the Alumni Council. It sounds important, but what does it mean? Mostly I work with the Alumni Relations office and the Development team to craft the programs and objectives of the Alumni Council volunteer group. The Council is composed of 25 or so Haas alumni ranging from 70s and 80s grads through 2003 MBAs and undergraduates.

We work together to extend the reach and value of the alumni network, which has 45 chapters and regional representatives worldwide. We call active alumni to thank them for their participation in events, recruit alumni colleagues for campus panels and speaking engagements, and contact classmates to make sure they’re aware of Haas@cal or the alumni recruiting services. Our outreach activities help to develop stronger alumni relationships through personal contact – remember current students take it for granted that they are joining a fabulous alumni network when they graduate.

So why do I do this? I have a family (two school-age boys) and work full-time, yet am crazy enough to spend even more time and energy with the Alumni Council. My motivation isn’t to “give back” – I’m not that altruistic. I do it because it’s fun and fulfilling. I derive a great deal of pleasure from watching and participating in the school’s transition from a publicly funded institution to a self-supporting one. Central to the change is building a loyal, committed base of alumni that accepts it as an obligation to support this transition. I like to believe that I’m contributing to the successful transformation through an increasingly effective alumni organization.

Come back if it’s been a while – register on Haas@cal, use the tools and services available to you as alumni, attend an event, or get in touch with a classmate you haven’t seen in awhile. You’ll be glad you did!

–Anne Chambers, MBA 79
President of the Haas Alumni Network Council

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Anne Chambers, MBA 79

Anne Chambers, MBA 79
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