Summer 2005

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As you can imagine, e-mail (and the Internet) are about the best thing that could have ever happened to our alumni organization. As a result, we have worked diligently with our alumni and student volunteers to design programs, services, and communication systems over the past decade. We share important announcements and newsworthy items via e-mail to ensure that all alumni are in the loop. As important members of the Haas/Berkeley community, you need to know what is happening on campus and what programs are available to you at home and abroad. We don't want you to miss out on our activities or other unique opportunities to increase your professional network or business and industry knowledge.

But, we are concerned that so many e-mail providers (for example, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, SBCglobal) are revving up spam filters which will prevent you from taking advantage of your network. If you want to make sure to get e-mails from the Haas Alumni Network (HAN), please:

  1. Check your "junk" or "spam filter" e-mail inbox over the next few weeks and scan it to see if you are receiving any announcements from the Haas Alumni Relations Office or your local HAN alumni chapter.
  2. If you do see e-mails from us in your "junk" box, please follow the prompts to add us ( and the local HAN chapter representative to your SAFE list (or recognized sender list) so that you will receive our e-mails in the future.
  3. Also, please send us an e-mail ( to make sure we have your preferred e-mail address in our database. Please give us your full name, degree, and class year.

The Haas Alumni Network is your network of people, ideas, and action. Get involved and reap the benefits of your degree from Berkeley by connecting with fellow alumni who are active within HAN!

Thanks and best wishes from campus,

Tenny H. Frost, Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Kristen C. Williams, Director, Alumni Relations


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