Summer 2005

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$3M Gift to Create Maxwell Fellows

Jennifer Maxwell, BS 88 (Nutrition), has given $3 million to the Haas School in memory of her late husband, Brian Maxwell, BA 75, the founder of PowerBar. The gift will endow the Brian L. Maxwell Fellows Program for Berkeley MBA students.

The program will provide awards equal to full tuition and required fees to MBA students who exhibit an entrepreneurial nature, a willingness to take a chance on something new, and a desire to move ahead in life.

"I want these fellows to epitomize Brian's philosophy," says Jennifer. "This program is meant to be a continuation of his spirit as a mentor of those students and individuals who may be at a disadvantage but have the drive and passion to pursue their dreams."

In 1986, the Maxwells created a new category of sports nutrition when they started making PowerBars in their home kitchen. As life-long runners, they saw a need for a compact food that would provide prolonged energy while exercising. The company grew and thrived in Berkeley, and they sold it to Nestle S.A. in 2000. Brian Maxwell died in March of 2004 of a heart attack at age 51.

"Jennifer's magnificent gift provides a fitting tribute to Brian in helping others who emulate Brian's hard work and his willingness to strike out on his own," says Tom Campbell, who is currently on leave as director of finance for the State of California and who worked closely with Mrs. Maxwell on the Fellows Program. "It will create a cadre of Maxwell Fellows who, over the years to come, will help each other as members of a sorority/fraternity across class years, linked by the generous gift that enabled those students to come to Haas, and the example of Brian Maxwell in whose image the gift was created."

"Brian's energy and his creative entrepreneurship will be the model for the students who are chosen for these awards," says Dean Rich Lyons. "Jennifer's wonderful generosity in establishing this program is a testament to the bond they shared in athletics and in business, and we are very grateful for this exemplary gift. I hope that the establishment of the Maxwell Fellows Program will inspire others to support our school and its students."

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Jennifer and Brian Maxwell

Jennifer and Brian Maxwell on one of their frequent runs in the East Bay hills.