Summer 2005

In Brief

Digital Media Thrives at Haas

A club sprung up last year when enterprising Berkeley MBA students translated their passion for digital media into the Digital Media and Entertainment Club (DMEC), to create a forum to discuss all things digital and to hob nob with industry leaders.

The club has quickly become one of the most popular on the Haas campus, boasting more than 100 students and alumni members. "People are passionate about digital media and entertainment," says club member Jack Kloster, MBA 06. "We have experienced viral growth since we started out. All of our members contribute ideas and use their networks to get us in to meet with top firms."

Club activities and discussions cover topics from software (music, film, web production) to platforms (wireless, Internet, satellite) to devices (phones, game consoles, set top boxes). Members have tackled projects for LucasArts to create a business plan for a game title; LucasFilm to make web site recommendations; Ubisoft on the market for one of their games; and Virgin Mobile on next generation music applications for their cell phones. In addition, members have visited firms in the Bay Area, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. This fall the club will organize >play, a Digital Media Conference at Haas on Nov. 5.

The club's web site hosts an active blog on current topics as well as notes on its upcoming events and industry trips. Check out the site at

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