Summer 2005

In Brief

Hendershott and Dal Bó Honored

Assistant professors Ernesto Dal Bó and Terrence Hendershott have been named the Haas School's 2005-2006 Schwabacher Fellows, the highest honor bestowed upon assistant professors by the school.

"The Haas School is actively pursuing the very best talent to join our faculty. Ernesto and Terry's outstanding research and exceptional scholarly growth is very much in line with that effort," says Dean Rich Lyons.

Dal Bó, assistant professor in the Business and Public Policy Group, studies the forces that influence public policy, using game theory to model how groups exert pressure on public officials through bribery, smear campaigns, judicial harassment, or even violence.

Hendershott, assistant professor in the Haas Operations and Information Technology Management Group, studies the impact of technological innovation on traditional financial markets and has extensively addressed how electronic trading systems compete with stock exchanges.

Both received a small cash prize and a research budget in January 2005. They will also have a reduced teaching load for the 2005-2006 academic year.

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Ernesto Dal Bó

Ernesto Dal Bó

Terrence Hendershott
Terrence Hendershott