Summer 2005

In Brief

Redesign Promotes Collaboration

The revamped Bakar Computer Center has reopened with a new layout to accommodate the collaborative, laptop-enabled study habits of Haas School students.

Rows of fixed cubicles have been replaced by an open workspace that makes it easy for students to gather around one or a cluster of computers for a team project. "The new space more accurately reflects the way our students study and work – together," says Zane Cooper, chief technology officer and director of Haas Computing Services.

The center's redesign also enhances existing technology and now features a new data cable plant to increase access speed, improvements to wireless access, and better support of laptop computers. Numerous small details contribute to keeping the space userfriendly, such as data ports that can now be accessed on desk tops instead of on the floor.

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The revamped Bakar Computer Center

The revamped Bakar Computer Center