Summer 2005

In Brief

Intel and Haas Join Forces

Intel and the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation are joining forces to drive job creation and economic competition. The partnership aims to boost entrepreneurial know-how in emerging technology hotbeds around the world with a new "train the trainer" program for entrepreneurship faculty.

Part of Intel's Higher Education initiative, the new "Technology Entrepreneurship – Theory to Practice" program offers a teaching curriculum that was developed and will be taught by faculty of the Lester Center. The goal of the program is to foster entrepreneurship education around

the world, helping to create innovative business people with cross-disciplinary skills, technical expertise, and the ability to seize market opportunities.

Intel will fund and organize the two-day seminars to be held in five venues in Brazil, China, India, and Europe over the next 18 months. Attending each seminar will be 15-20 faculty members from several colleges and universities in those regions.

"The program will provide a framework and curriculum that college faculty can adapt to their local situations, building on a proven approach, ultimately encouraging entrepreneurship around the world," says Jerome Engel, executive director of the Lester Center, who will be leading the program.

The program will include classroom exercises and other learning tools that university professors can use to educate technical graduates on the basics

of entrepreneurship. Attending faculty are encouraged to share how they will apply their newly gained knowledge on the process of commercializing technology to their curriculum with faculty at other schools. This will allow faculty worldwide to view, use, modify, and refine various approaches to an entrepreneurship curriculum.

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