Summer 2007

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Lowrey Family Endows New Chair to Study Financial Institutions


James Lowrey, MBA 64, and his wife, Marianne, have funded a James J. and Marianne B. Lowrey Chair in Business. The new endowment is intended to support the teaching and research of a faculty person who studies the behavior of financial institutions from a micro-economic perspective.


"No industry is changing faster than finance, and most major problems in an economy are first incubated in the financial system," Lowrey says. "Microeconomics is the discipline that underlies why banks, hedge funds, and other institutions do what they do. My intention in supporting a Haas faculty member in this area is to enhance the way this top-flight school helps students understand financial institutions."


Lowrey began his career in investment banking after graduating from Berkeley. He quickly rose to become one of the youngest partners at Salomon Brothers in New York. After becoming partner in charge of municipal trading, sales, and public finance there, Lowrey went on to manage his own investment firm, J.J. Lowrey & Co. At his firm, Lowrey founded Catalyst Energy, which in the early 1980s was the leading independent power producer in the nation and the first independent producer to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Lowrey credits Haas, and economics Professor David Alhadeff in particular, with providing the educational opportunities and formative experiences he needed to succeed on Wall Street.


"David Alhadeff was a real mentor to me," Lowrey says.


"I saw many other examples of the school really putting students first, taking their needs seriously. Berkeley is a place with heart."


Lowrey is now a principal in Navarro Lowrey Properties, a developer of industrial and commercial real estate in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is also a principal in Catalyst Capital, a private equity firm located in south Florida. Lowrey is an avid skier, fox hunter, sailing enthusiast, windsurfer, and golfer.


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James Lowrey, MBA 64, and his wife, Marianne

James Lowrey, MBA 64, and his wife, Marianne