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George Erb, BS, of Orinda, Calif., writes, "With time marching on, Marion and I decided to host Christmas in Hawaii with our children and grandchildren, 13 in all. Our accommodations at the Hilton Hawaiian Village were marvelous. Along with the sightseeing, the dining was fabulous and a great time was had by all. On June 1, we celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary."


After a life of industrial personnel and secondary teaching and administration, Milan Wight, BS, and his wife, Eloise, traveled in their Airstream travel trailer and led caravans to Alaska. He writes, "Finally, with hip surgery, life settled down in Walnut Creek. At age 84, I published a book, Tipping Guide for Gratuitous Folks. At 85 I have another book about to be published, Historic Donner Stock Trail - 2007 (Trafford Publishing, Victoria BC). For a successful retirement I was advised that there were three requisites: something meaningful to do, hope for the future, and someone to love. Yep, that's the way it is."


Robert "Bob" Prosise, BS, died Nov. 27. His family and friends celebrate his life as devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, friend, colleague, and teacher and are proud of his achievements. He served as lieutenant in the US Navy and earned an MBA from Stanford University. He worked as salesman to CEO for several of the finest recreational product companies of his time. He shared practical experience, wisdom, and concern for hundreds of students during 10 years of teaching and counseling at Southern Oregon State University, retiring as associate professor in 1995. Happy times outdoors and time devoted to encouraging and paying attention to relatives and friends rounded out his life.


Merlin L. Henry Jr., BS, recently returned from Sacramento, where he took part in his 11th UC Legislative Day along with alumni from every UC campus. He writes, "The purpose of this annual UC Legislative Day is to ensure that all 120 legislators are aware of every issue of importance to the University of California. In the past two years, my wife and I attended two excellent Bear Trek Civil War trips. Legislative advocacy, travel, and volunteering in the community keep me busy in retirement. GO BEARS."


Robert Mayer, BS, is author of How To Win Any Negotiation Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, Or Coming To Blows, now published in eight languages.


Ronald Cassano, BS, was appointed treasurer of the Diablo Symphony Association. He is also serving his fourth term as Walnut Creek city treasurer, managing his CPA practice, and traveling. He and his wife, Karen, recently celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. The couple met while they were at UC Berkeley. They have three daughters and four grandchildren.

Knut Dale, BS, see MBA 1967 notes.


Richard Geno, BS, of Los Altos, Calif., writes, "Since retiring after 37 years in the financial services industry, I have founded and chaired The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley. We have had phenomenal growth throughout the Bay Area in the past few years. We have been making major headway to overcome the hoax of man-made global warming, liberal mainstream media bias, and the devastatingly negative effects of affirmative action. We have worked with university students in an effort to combat the lack of free speech on college campuses. Please see"

Gary Ingebretson, BS, of Auburn, Calif., writes, "Just turned 65 and have been retired for 15 years. Where has the time gone? ,Don't worry, be happy, is great advice. Gave up softball and basketball a couple of years ago, and now trying to excel at golf to no avail."


Vijay Kumar, BS, writes, "I am a member of the Board of Advisors of Internet Speech. I worked for IBM in Silicon Valley Labs in 2007, working on mainframe software. My daughter, Amba, is expecting her first child in August. She lives in Santa Cruz and is a real estate investor and agent for Coldwell Banker. She switched careers from Cisco Corp. about three years ago. My son, Jay, is a structural engineer and just moved to Emeryville. He works for Willis Construction of San Juan Bautista."

1968|Reunion Oct. 3-4

Jeffrey Paul, BS, of Malibu, Calif., writes, "I recently purchased a majority share in Riptopia, a national company that converts music, video, and other documents to digital formats. Several Cal graduates have already had us convert their legacy music CD collections to digital for use on their iPods. We can be reached at""


Dean Meyer, BS, of Ridgefield, Conn., released the FullCost software for business planning, budgeting, and rate setting. It helps department managers run their organizations like a business within a business.


Constance Guerin, BS, see MBA 1982 notes.

Harald Leventhal, BS, see MBA 1979 notes.


Pete Halberstadt, BS, see MBA 1986 notes

1983|Reunion Oct. 3-4

Steven Peletz, BS, see MBA 1999 notes


Deborah Choate, BS, writes, "In July I moved back to France after two years in Switzerland to become CFO of Sequans Communications, the Paris-based industry leader in fixed and mobile WiMAX semiconductor solutions."


Ken Sunoo, BS, writes, "My wife, Deborah, and I are co-pastors of Wallingford Presbyterian Church in Seattle. In 2007 we received a grant from the Lilly Foundation, which allowed us to take a four-month sabbatical and travel to Korea and Scotland with our two children, Rebecca and Alina."


Charles Kreling, BS, of Walnut Creek, Calif., writes, "In November I was promoted to executive director, Sarbanes-Oxley at Kaiser Permanente."

1988|Reunion Oct. 3-4

David Woodward, BS, of Denver, Colo., was named the Multifamily Executive of the Year, one of the apartment industry's most prestigious honors.


Salim Lakhani, BS, writes, "My wife and I are moving to Denver, Colo. I'd love to get to know some alums there. I'm opening a new Denver office for Initsoft Web Solutions and will be looking for some large Web development projects as well. Drop me an email at"


Formerly known as Ernesto Arellano, BS, "Emael" legally assumed his current name as a cultural strategy in 1998 while completing an MFA in new genres at the San Francisco Art Institute. He recently completed his first book with Diego Pacheco titled, The Last American Icon: A Meditation Guide, in which he wrote a haiku a day, coincidently the year the World Trade Center was destroyed. Excerpts from the book were published in The Drama Review from MIT Press. For more information, visit

Adam Smithline, BS, of Cupertino, Calif., was named vice president of marketing and products at Buongiorno, a mobile entertainment leader. Peter Yu, BS, writes, "After two years as director of strategy and operations at Oracle's headquarters, I'll be taking an expat assignment to run our APAC strategy and planning. While we'll miss the Bay Area Haas community, I'm looking forward to connecting with alums and making new friends in Asia. Please drop me a note if you're ever in Hong Kong ("

1993|Reunion Oct. 3-4

Kevin Crow, BS, writes, "I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary working for Intel. Married, with two kids, I'd say life is pretty great right now. We make it down and join Grandpa for all the football home games in the fall. Go Bears."

Christophe Menu, BS, is director at Computer Sciences Corp. He is married with no children and lives in Paris, France.



Robert Boyer, BS, of Los Angeles, writes, "I've been working with my father as an independent life insurance agent and business manager for the last ten-plus years. Over that same time, I've continued volunteering as a basketball coach at the local YMCA and recreation center. I also volunteer as a camp counselor for the YMCA and a program that works with kids from a homeless shelter in L.A. A few years ago, I lived in Thailand for about half a year, where I worked as a volunteer helping provide relief to tsunami victims in the region of Khao La."

Peter Lien, BS, of Los Angeles, works at The Sofa Co. Cal Alumni receive 10 percent off all purchases. Peter writes, "Simply say 'Go Bears' at checkout."


Julie (Litvak) Bell, BS, of Oakland, writes, "A double Haas baby: Christopher Bell, BS '97, and I are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Elisha Gwen Bell. She made her entrance Sept. 20 at 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Everyone is happy and healthy, and Dad is already busy trying to teach her to say 'Go Bears.'"


Christopher Butt, BS, began work this year in institutional equity sales with the Bank of China International, the investment banking arm of The Bank of China Group in New York. He had been working with the Singaporean brokerage UOB KayHian after relocating to New York from Los Angeles in November 2006. He writes, "It is going to be an exciting year with new challenges and new working environment. If anyone is in New York, let's get together, and I will tell you more about the China story in 2008. Go Haas and go Bears!"

Thomas Clayton, BS, of San Francisco and Singapore was hired as CEO and president of Bubble Motion, an early-stage mobile company backed by Sequoia Capital and other Silicon Valley venture capitalists. The company offers a VoiceSMS service (think talk-and-send, versus type-and-send) called BubbleTALK. He writes, "It has taken off across Asia and we just launched in Europe. Watching traffic double every month is definitely exciting, but also poses a whole host of growing pains!"

King Lip, BS, writes, "Hello fellow Haas alumni. I hope all is well with everyone. My wife (a fellow Cal alumnus) and I recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in March. I am a portfolio manager at Baker Avenue Asset Management in San Francisco providing investment management and wealth planning services to individuals, institutions, and non-profit organizations. I would love to hear from my fellow alumni. You can reach me at (415) 986-1110."

Armeen Mazda, BS, of Canton, China, is chairman and CEO of Appeon Corp.


Oliver Lao, BS, is a surgery resident in Seattle, Wash. In May last year, he married a Cal alum and future surgery resident.


Somy Ahmad, BS, of Fremont, Calif., writes, "We welcomed our second daughter, Alisha, this past August. It's been fun juggling two kids and work. I'm working for a small technical accounting group as a consultant helping clients with SEC reporting and other areas in finance. I can be reached at for anyone who wants to reconnect."


Andrew "Drew" Noel, BS, was named corporate marketing director for e.Republic Inc. in Folsom, Calif. Previously he was vice president of marketing of Reichenberg Marketing in Los Angeles. In March, he addressed the Berkeley chapter of Delta Sigma Pi and led a discussion about development and maintenance of professional and personal relationships to enable a more fulfilling career experience. He writes, "It was great to be back at Haas for the evening. Go Bears."

Kristine Pompeo, BS, writes, "My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary this May (Cinco de Mayo to be exact). I married my husband, David Pompeo, in Diamond Bar, Calif., who I met while working in NYC. We are currently living in our house in Upland, Calif. I am still working for the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, Calif., within the Home Entertainment Division, and am currently getting my MBA degree in the evenings. GO BEARS!!"

2003|Reunion Oct. 3-4

Bee-Lee See, BS, writes, "Hola from Barcelona, Spain, where I am on a graduate scholarship program to pursue my bilingual MBA degree at the IESE Business School, the founding seat of the Opus Dei. It is amazing to be here, because of the patriarchal sense of discipline and ethics that drives the culture of our school, and because Barcelona is a lively and passionate Mediterranean city. My classmates are very international, and we've had no trouble adapting to the dinners, which start at 10 p.m, clubbing from 2 to 5 a.m. and three cases a day! I was in Munich for Oktoberfest, London for a tour of the investment banks, and went to Costa Brava for Easter break. I cannot complain. I hope these two years last a lifetime."

Aaron Sessions, BS, writes, "Life after Haas has been good to me. After graduating, I held financial positions with Lockheed Martin and later gained additional experience in commercial banking with Silicon Valley Bank. My most recent and most exciting endeavor is opening my own small business as a State Farm agent. I am able to help my clients manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams by providing insurance and financial services. Most importantly, I am making a positive economic impact on our community! My business is in Campbell, Calif., and beginning in April, I can be reached at Go Bears!"

Yacy Zand, BS, writes, "After spending the past three years working in Democratic politics in Washington, D.C., I am in Fontainebleau, France, getting an MBA at INSEAD. If any Berkeley alumni or Berkeley and INSEAD alumni will be in France this year, I'd be happy to hear from you. yasmin.zand@insead.ed"


Drew Jensen, BS, of San Francisco, obtained his California CPA license.

Varun Paul, BS, is a senior business analyst with PG&E Corp., in San Francisco. He writes, "I have been involved in the company's transformation efforts, developing benefits realization plans, and executing process improvement for internal savings. I am involved in numerous senior-level projects and have had the good fortune of working with many Cal alums. PG&E's efforts at being green and continually modernizing the business of energy delivery have been truly revolutionary. Certainly PG&E will be a firm to watch. Additionally, I have been an active member of Barack Obama's California-Bay Area presidential campaign. I serve as a voter organizer, community organizer, precinct captain, communications consultant (press), and fundraiser. I traveled to Nevada and Southern California, organizing voter outreach and canvassing efforts. I am assisting with virtual phone banking operations, organizing thousands of volunteers for Barack Obama. I will be traveling to the Democratic Convention in Denver. If you will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, please drop me a line at and let's do lunch."


Sammy Obeid, BS, of Fremont, Calif., performed March 14 at the Bear's Lair with the CoExist Comedy Tour (


Jeffrey Tan, BS, is attending Boston University Medical School.


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David "Tony" White, MBA, of Santa Rosa, Calif., writes, "Since retiring from teaching Latin American history at Sonoma State University in 2005, I have kept busy teaching courses in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Sonoma State. But more importantly I co-founded and am a contributing editor to a Web site focusing on climate change and energy independence, This site was created two years ago by myself and 15 high school classmates (Andover, '54), and seeks to provide current and accurate information on energy policy and legislation, international treaties or conferences, alternative fuels, renewable energy projects, new energy technology, green construction, plug-in hybrids and electric cars, as well as information on what individuals can do to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint. Like my fellow contributors, I feel that we are involved in a worthy effort to protect the planet, increase national security, and create a better world for our grandchildren. In the process of researching and writing articles for the Web site, I have learned a lot about energy and the environment and am honing my writing skills."


Kerry Curtis, MBA, retired in 2007 as professor of marketing at Golden Gate University, and is now an emeritus professor. He has joined the board of the Commonwealth Club of California, where he organizes events on sustainability and the environment. Kerry continues to live in Orinda, Calif. with his wife, Lynn.


Knut Dale, MBA, of Arcadia, Calif., writes, "I retired as a senior vice president in 2002 after a good 35-year career with Bank of America, having served in a number of different management and marketing assignments, including eight years in Europe based in London and Copenhagen, 10 years in investment banking, and the last six years in government banking, the latter two based in Los Angeles. Since then I have authored one limited distribution self-published book on my family's history, originating in Norway, nearly finished another book on major political reforms, and started a political blog at I've also done some guest lecturing on business topics at a local high school. Currently I'm volunteering a fair amount of my time serving as chairperson of the organizing committee for my high school class 50th reunion coming up next year. Nina and I have been married for nearly 42 years. We have two married children who are doing great, and two young grandchildren, all of whom we enjoy spending time with. I enjoy playing golf and tennis weekly, as well as working out in a local fitness club several times a week. I also trained for the Avenue of the Giants half-marathon in early May and am planning to participate in a 10-day trek in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal in October."


Michael Kingsbury, MBA, of Indio, Calif., is a district manager and financial advisor with Waddell & Reed. He writes, "We have also recently moved to Sun City Shadow Hill to enjoy a greater recreation lifestyle."


WilliamHalal, MBA, see Ph.D. 1971 notes.


Bruce Chemel, MBA, writes, "I retired after a 28-year career with American Airlines in 2001. For the last 10 years of my career, I was the president of AAdvantage Marketing Programs, American's frequent flyer program. Since my retirement I have spent my time consulting, dividing my time between my homes in Santa Fe and Dallas, and traveling."

Garrett Vogel, MBA, of Dallas, Texas, is chief reorganization officer of Amco Energy, a small public company involved principally in offshore oil and gas exploration and production. In a separate role he also is receiver for a number of small public companies. He writes, "While at Cal I never guessed that I'd end up fixing broken companies. But you look around today and see that it's actually something of a growth market." On the civic front Garrett has been appointed by the Dallas City Council to serve on the board of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center. His wife, Anita (DeArmond) Vogel, MBA 1971, is exploring options about re-entering the for-profit sector after several years of working with non-profits. Anita recently completed the 'Back in Business' executive program at Dartmouth (they have a business school too!) and is eager to return to the world of commercial or investment banking where she was most recently a senior vice president at Comerica Bank. She is on the loan committee of the Dallas Center for Non-Profit Management, the board of directors of the Dallas Wind Symphony, and is chief financial officer of the Richardson (Texas) Independent School District Tomorrow Foundation.


David Roberts, MBA, joined Evnine & Associates, a quantitative hedge fund based in San Francisco, as co-CEO. Jeremy Evnine, UC Berkeley Ph.D. 83, founded the firm in 1992. Roberts is returning to the hedge fund industry after a 15-year hiatus during which he founded two INC 500 companies and a boutique investment-banking firm. He lives in Oakland with his wife, Gail Simpson, an 87 Cal Ph.D. in agriculture economics, and his two teenage daughters. Their family is fully engaged in the Bay Area arts scene with David on the board of Berkeley's Julia Morgan Center for the Arts and his wife as the founder and artistic director of Opera Frontier.


Gordon Gregory, MBA, of Los Angeles writes, "I am pleased to announce that Mosaic Capital Securities LLC served as financial advisor to Gores Group on its $100 million investment into Westwood One. Mosaic is a member of IMAP, the largest and oldest global-investment banking group serving the middle market. During 2007, it completed 254 middle-market transactions, 64 of which were cross border, totaling $9.9 billion. In the Thompson League Tables Mosaic / IMAP ranked seventh globally on number of transactions up to $100 million. I serve on the IMAP worldwide board of directors. In addition, as co-founder and managing director of ProVisors, the largest professional advisor membership organization in the world, ProVisors now has 41 chapters in California, 2 of which are located in San Francisco, and over 1,000 members ( On a personal note, I married my Cal sweetheart, have three daughters, and enjoy fine wine, hiking, and river rafting."

1979|Reunion April 24-26

Harald Leventhal, MBA, of Berkeley, writes, "My philanthropic consulting business, Leventhal Kline Management Inc. ( celebrated its 10th birthday in February. We provide comprehensive management and philanthropic advisory services to family and independent private foundations that run the gamut from a local consulate to a former America's Cup team. My wife, Renee, and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this June. We are avid skiers with a home on the north shore of Lake Tahoe and a serious Squaw Valley habit."


John-Paul Leonard, MBA, of Joshua Tree, Calif., writes, "I seem to be getting the hang of book publishing now, and this year will be bringing out or distributing a new crop of titles, some of them co-published: Seeds of Destruction, on the threat of genetic manipulation of our food supply; The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century, about the persistent drive to fascism by the U.S. plutocracy; Web of Debt, about the current financial crisis and the usurpation of Congressional powers over the money supply by the Fed; Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History; Obama and the Postmodern Coup, on the subversion of the electoral process as practiced by the CIA and CFR overseas; and How the World Really Works, an exposé of the New World Order. My imprint continues to be`. I've also brought out a Spanish edition of my best-seller, 11-S Falso Terrorismo: Made in USA."

Linda Wright, MBA, of Tiburon, Calif., is senior vice president and treasurer for Allianz of America, Allianz Life in Minnesota, and Fireman's Fund in California. She writes, "My group includes sourcing and procurement, credit, mergers and acquisitions, operations (receivables and payables in Dallas), real estate, reinsurance recovery, and IT governance. We are always looking for good finance people."


Dick Swanson, MBA, of Mill Valley, Calif., was appointed director of finance and administration at the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency in June.

Stuart Webber, MBA, was appointed department chair for the Business, Leadership and Management Program at Trinity Lutheran College, in Issaquah, Wash. He formerly taught at the University of Washington in Seattle. Learn more at


Constance Guerin, MBA, of San Rafael, Calif., writes, "After 14 years managing systems, operations, and facility planning as a vice president for the Consumer Credit Division of Wells Fargo, I worked for seven years as a professional system consultant for Spherion. Currently, as an independent consultant, I am assisting Save Berkeley Iceland, the not-for-profit that has recently signed a deal for the exclusive rights to acquire Berkeley Iceland and restore the historic rink. Besides reinstating the skating and ice hockey facility for the residents of Berkeley, I look forward to continuing my own figure and dance skating with Iceland's University Club. For more information on this project, see"


Marietta Bartoletti, MBA, and Steve Bartoletti, MBA 1986, are living in Malta, the beautiful Mediterranean island just south of Sicily. She is the management officer at the US Embassy and he commutes to Zagreb, Croatia, to consult with Raiffaisen Bank in support of a European bank for a reconstruction and development project to increase the quality and quantity of commercial lending in Croatia.

MaryJo Radosevich, MBA, was named co-chair of the Board of Governors of the Heart Research Center at Oregon Health Sciences University.


Dana (McComber) Flynn, MBA, of Danville, Calif., writes, "The Bay Area 'Fossils' (myself, Ellen Powell Graves, Janet Briggs Patzer, Michelle Zippel Steinhart, Mick Wets, Joan Peterson, Jennifer Kane Trilling and Marilee Hanson), all Cal Business School graduates of the mid-'80s, get together regularly to keep each other sane through thick and thin. The latest focus is finding the right high school and college for the next generation. Ellen and I chose the private college route for her son and my daughter, who are happily eating through our savings at Occidental and Pomona College, respectively. We all miss Kem Courtenay, who is thriving in Virginia."

Mauri Schwartz, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, "As of January, my career management consulting company, Career Insiders, has expanded to include talent acquisition. We are helping our clients find and hire key professionals to enable them to achieve their business goals. Key areas of focus include IT technical management and software development, as well as senior finance roles. The Haas Alumni Network has been a key contributor to our success. Haas clients and candidates are the best! Last year I was elected to the Board of the Auxiliary of UCSF at Mount Zion Hospital. I am very proud to participate with a great group of people who raise money to fund patient services that would not otherwise be available. One program includes the fitting of wigs, prosthetics, and clothing for women undergoing mastectomies and chemotherapy. It's a wonderful feeling to see a woman regain her sense of femininity. Next year I will be the vice president of membership. We are always looking for bright, energetic folks to join us. Please contact me if you are interested. My contact information is in the online directory."


J.A. Diffily, MBA, writes, "After a three-year posting at the US Embassy in Lome, Togo, I have been assigned by the State Department to the embassy at Belmopan, Belize, as deputy chief of mission. I'll be going out to Belize in late summer."

Pete Halberstadt, MBA, writes, "No exciting career changes. In fact, the opposite -- my business, West Advertising, just celebrated its 20th anniversary on Jan. 1. Steve DePalma, MBA 1986, was here for 12-plus of those years. I was sorry to see him move back to the Midwest. He's going to miss a big party in the spring."

Alan Warner, MBA, writes, "I'm CFO and operations director of Roush Performance Products, a division of Roush Enterprises. Enjoying the challenge of growing an automotive-related business in the Detroit area in the midst of overall downturn in the industry and region. Every day I get to manage a team building some of the coolest performance cars on the market -- and I get to drive the product, too. Livin' the dream. Classmates may remember Delia and our little boys, Dave and Jeff. All are well. Dave (27) is a Marine, married, and presented us with a grandson in November. Jeff (24) is in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria and loving it. We're planning to visit him this summer. Ellie (20) was born after we moved to Michigan, and is now in college. We'd be happy to hear from any Cal alums, particularly if coming to Detroit."

Michael Yinger, MBA, of Parker, Colo., writes, "I am part of the launch of a new company, Pythia, Inc. We work with companies to identify what they need to accomplish to succeed and where those skills exist, either in their organization or in their candidates. This launch is the culmination of nearly four years of planning and tool development."


Zhaoning Wang, MBA, of Beijing, spent 18 years in the petroleum industry in China and is now working as a consultant to Air BP China. Wang is interested in Chinese Romanization or letter-Chinese design and is a member of the Chinese Language Modernization Association, which promotes one language, two writing systems (characters and letters). Wang designed software for Pinyin Chinese.


James Isaacs, MBA, of Palo Alto, Calif., writes, "I have been working at Danger Inc., the software and service company behind the Sidekick, a consumer mobile smart phone, for the last 5 1/2 years as senior vice president of sales. We did file our S-1 to go public but lo and behold, Microsoft scooped us up in a merger transaction. Life is full of twists and turns. Looking forward to the next chapter. Wife and family are great. Ran a half marathon last year and aiming for a full marathon this year."

1989|Reunion April 24-26

Anna Bannerman-Richter, MBA, writes, "I am organizing the Second Annual Accra International Marathon (AIM) to be held Sept. 28 in Accra, Ghana. The AIM consists of a full-marathon run and a half-marathon walk and has the potential to develop into a first-class, beach-to-beach marathon that will attract both competitive and leisure athletes from around the world. The event is designed to be a major vehicle for raising funds to benefit The Longevity Project (Ghana) and Longevity Project Africa (LPA), a California nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the life expectancy and quality of life of Africans. The overall life expectancy for Sub-Sahara Africa is a shocking 45 to 46 years! Healthy life expectancy is even more disturbing with the WHO reporting that 'healthy life expectancy in some African countries is dropping back to levels we haven't seen in advanced countries since Medieval times.' LPA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to it are deductible for both federal and California state income taxes. A primary goal of LPA is to support African countries to increase public awareness of the link between health and lifestyle choices and to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own health. Events such as the AIM, which include free health screening, will increase the opportunities and incentives for Africans to exercise more and adopt other preventive health measures. A schoolmate from Boalt Hall, together with a former running buddy, a California judge, came out to support the inaugural event last year. This year, Haas classmate, Linda Carlton, is seriously considering coming, and I hope that together we can persuade other Haas mates to come out for a bit of adventure just north of the equator and to support a good cause. I was at Haas in April to work with Professor Sebastian Teunissen on a joint presentation on community and leadership development at the 17th Annual Africa/Diaspora Conference. For more details, please visit and"

Bill Cohen, MBA, of Rossmoor, Calif., writes, "Edge Systems Corp. has passed its 10th year in business. We design, manufacture, and market our own line of medical and spa devices for the skin care market. You should all go to Caesars Palace in Vegas and ask for a HydraFacial! We now sell to over 45 countries. I started the business with a partner in '97. This is now the longest-term job I have ever had. I need a new chair. Kathy and my kids are well. Joe is 9, and Leah is 8. My son and I are enjoying playing the guitar together with Leah blowing her sax in step. I'm coaching the kids' baseball as well and still driving my old Volvo. Just can't let it go."


Loretta McNeil, MBA, of Tiburon, Calif., writes, "I am enjoying my two beautiful sons: Nicholas Martin Raymond (3), and Lucas Bennett (9 months). I consult on and off in the business, credit card, and health care industries. Life is busy!"


Adam Hardej, MBA, writes, "All is well in Hingham, Mass. Just spent a fun-filled week skiing Alta with my wife Beth (Cal 1991) and my children, Adam (14) and Rachel (11). All is well in the real estate due diligence and appraisal world with an upswing in volume caused by the recent sub-prime blow-up. My firm is national and focuses more on commercial real estate than residential. The commercial market has held up well, but residential markets throughout the country are depressed. Will take another six to 18 months for most residential markets to get back to equilibrium. Keep in mind that I'm an optimist. Go Bears."

Atul Sharan, MBA, of Cupertino, Calif., started Clear Shape Technologies in 2004 with some Stanford folks and developed some unique semiconductor technology. The company was venture funded with investments from USVP, Intel, and KLA-Tencor. It was successfully acquired in 2007 by Cadence Design Systems. He writes, "Our advisory board included professors from Stanford and Berkeley, including professors Alberto S. Vincentelli and ChenMing Hu from Berkeley."


Bridgitte Backman-Bocken, MBA, of Secunda, South Africa, writes, "I am working at Sasol (petrochemical industry) in corporate services, responsible for corporate affairs, stakeholder relations, property and facilities management. I have two daughters (8) and (5)."

Walter Tendler, MBA, writes, "Still in San Diego with Linda and two dogs. Say hello if you are in town. I'm consulting with a private equity firm as well as acting CFO at Amira Pharmaceuticals, where we just signed a deal with GlaxoSmithKline potentially worth $300-plus million for a respiratory and CV drug. Also, took a wonderful trip to Africa organized by Cal alumni in November. Go Bears."


John Johnston, MBA, writes, "My wife, Peggy Procter, and I welcomed a baby daughter, Sidney Anne Procter Johnston, into our lives on Nov. 20. The three of us are greatly enjoying life in San Diego, Calif."

Frank Rockwood, MBA, of Moraga, Calif., writes, "The loss of my father triggered a journey back to my home state of Florida and a re-evaluation of my life's goals. After three years in the swamp, Susan (MBA 89) and I have returned to northern California. I have developed a strong interest in health care and have returned to the senior living business with Sunrise Senior Living. It is a privilege to be serving our parents' generation. While in Florida, Michelle Buckles and Kim Wirtz, both MBA 93, made the trek to visit us. Now that we are back in California, we hope to see more of our classmates more often. It was too easy to take for granted how beautiful it is in Cal country. We are delighted to be back."

1994|Reunion April 24-26

Koji Asada, MBA, writes, "I have been appointed as the head of the steel sector group at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Corporate Banking Division. I am responsible for the global relationship for the major Japanese steel companies. The sector has become tremendously active in international activities including M&A, green-field investments, and capital market financing. My recent half-year has been extremely busy traveling for various projects."

Susan Bernstein, MBA, of San Rafael, Calif., writes, "In addition to helping people get clarity and confidence about their next life moves through my coaching practice, Work from Within, I recently launched the Job Search Gym. It's a 10-week group coaching program that happens by phone, bringing job seekers together in a supportive community for learning and networking, and of course, landing a job that really fits. I love my work!"

John Klinke, MBA, of San Carlos, Calif., writes, "My wife, Avis, and I became proud parents of twin girls in December. Juliet and Sabrina are keeping us entertained and busy with the usual craziness of newborns times two. When I'm not changing diapers or singing lullabies, I'm running marketing at Tacit Software, a provider of attention management and collaboration solutions in Palo Alto."

Darrell Rodriguez, MBA, writes, "I am chief operating officer at Electronic Arts Los Angeles, after a 1 1/2-year assignment in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. The weather in L.A. is much more conducive for triathlon training. Racing highlights include finishing my second Ironman this past December with a personal record of 9:59:16. After the Boston Marathon this April, I began my next season with the end goal of qualifying for the Ironman World Championships."

Dale Rogers, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, "After ten great years of active Haas alumni roles including East Bay president, winning Chapter of the Year Award, and several years on the Haas Alumni Network Board, I retired to create room for some new blood in HAN and focus on my own entrepreneurial time demands. Little did I know I'd also be creating some future Haas Bearettes! Elizabeth and Katherine are now about 4 months old and love their Haas Bears! Mom and Dad are fine, too."


Apollo Chansrichawla, MBA, of Bangkok, writes, "Chris and I, after a decade of being together, got married on Dec. 24 in Bangkok. We celebrated the event over two days with lots of friends and family. There were two ceremonies: one Western non-denominational, immediately followed by a decidedly traditional Indian one. That same evening, we hosted a black-tie dinner and dance that carried on until very early, which was fantastic! Christmas Day was for recovery and there was a river cruise with fireworks for those who were up for it. And the formal reception was on Wed., Dec. 26. Chris and I welcome anyone heading through Bangkok to get in touch. My mobile number is +6681-701-6516."

Kehau Kali, MBA, Kehau Kali attended an economic forecast dinner in Honolulu where Professor Emeritus Janet Yellen, representing the Federal Reserve Board, shared her forecast for 2008.


Brian Best, MBA, of San Carlos, Calif., writes, "During January I joined Leader Ventures in Menlo Park. Leader Ventures is a private investment firm providing blended debt and equity financing to a diversified portfolio of early- and late-stage private companies."

Paulo Penteado, MBA, writes, "After five wonderful years in Australia, the Penteados have packed up and moved once again, this time to London. Paulo returns to management consulting, joining Partners in Performance. Wife, Ana, (Boalt LL.M. 1997) has just finished her Ph.D. in law at Macquarie and will be deciding what to do with it in Europe. Sons Marcos and Luis are excited about the new experience."

Tony Talarico, MBA, writes, "Phuong Vu and I were married Jan. 26 in San Francisco. She works in inventory management at Macy's, and I am still serving entertainment clients as a consultant for IBM."


Vijay Bobba, MBA, relocated from the Bay Area to Bangalore, India, in 2003. He writes, "It has been an incredible ride since then. I co-founded a loyalty management company with fellow Haas Alumni (Layton Han, Noah Doyle, Dan Kihanya) and launched India's largest customer Rewards program (i-mint) with some of the biggest brands in India. Over 18 months, the program grew to a large base of 4 million consumers."

Zara (Mary) McDonald, MBA, of Belvedere, Calif., is executive director of Felidae Conservation Fund, a science-based conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of wild cats species around the world. The Felidae Conservation Fund aims to protect all felidae species and their habitats globally by guiding international conservation, partnering in excellent science, and generating powerful education and outreach programs. Felidae supports strategic research studies that clearly define a process to understand more about human impact on wild cats and steps to minimize the devastation. The goal is to prevent further extinction of felidae species, and to preserve complete ecosystems around the world. She writes, "Our contributions build new outlooks toward wild cats and the preservation of global wildness. Visit for more information."


Nathan Bartholomew, MBA, writes, "Thuy Tien and I moved to Avon, Conn, just over a year ago with our son, Alex (2). I left Microsoft to join Legrand North America, the US headquarters of a French manufacturer of electrical products and systems, and recently became the director of corporate development. We're enjoying being back on the East Coast, close to family as well as New York and Boston, but admit to finding ourselves missing West Coast weather as February in New England drags on."

Tessa Jackson, MBA, was awarded a Rockefeller Foundation Redevelopment Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Urban Redevelopment Excellence. In conjunction with the fellowship, which involves an intensive academic program in real estate development, she is working as a program manager with the AFL-CIO Investment Trust's Gulf Coast Revitalization Program, a multi-faceted $700 million real estate investment and community redevelopment initiative. Prior to starting the program, she ran the Gulf Coast initiative for Trickle Up, an international micro-enterprise fund that provides seed capital to low-income entrepreneurs. In her limited spare time, Tessa has been remodeling her Katrina-damaged home in New Orleans and engaging with other social entrepreneurs in the area on ways to move the city's recovery forward.

J.T. Klepp, MBA, writes, "I have spent more than two years in Sydney, Australia, now, and am loving it (although my frequent flier points balance is getting insane). Two major milestones have been achieved -- I married Penelope a little over a year ago in Sydney (with Arthur, Thorvald, and Tone from our class attending), and we were expecting baby No. 1 in June. Still working away in the mobile industry, where competitors have fallen left and right, but we have managed to stay alive for now. Consolidation is the theme of the industry, so this will likely be an exciting year. And I am very excited about going to the reunion."

Julia (Knowles) Violich, MBA, of San Anselmo, Calif., writes, "I have changed gears significantly in the last 12 months. No longer a small business owner, I now run the family nut farming operation up by Chico, Calif. Agribusiness is a fascinating micro-economy. My two boys, (6) and (2) keep me very busy when not working or riding my bike. I'm no longer racing bicycles as a professional. I am now racing on the Master circuit internationally and really enjoying myself. Heading off this month to visit Gonzalo Arguello (40th birthday) and Guido Kovalskys, both MBA 98, in Argentina and Brazil, respectively."

Scott Pinizzotto, MBA, of San Francisco writes, "With my startup, Brondell, now in its fourth year, life has been nonstop busy. Our daughter, Lila Mae, is doing great. She arrived 3 weeks early but has a great appetite and is growing fast. She is such an easy and happy baby and from what I hear from others, we are very fortunate she has such a wonderful disposition. As many of you with children can surely attest, busy is yet to come. I am looking forward to reconnecting with you all at our 10-year reunion, electric cars, and a brighter future with a change in the White House!"

Dan Rosler, MBA, of Belmont, Calif., writes, "Debbie and I are excited to announce the birth of our first child and future Cal Bear, Jake. He was born Jan. 27 at a hearty 9 pounds, 4 ounces and six weeks later is already wearing 3- to 6-month clothing. Go Bears!"

Tom Ryglinski, MBA, was invited last fall to join M. Properties Global Network, a boutique firm serving the needs of real estate investors worldwide. He continues to serve his individual client base in San Francisco while developing new business in both commercial real estate and development projects. M. Properties is uniquely positioned for success due to its significant number of strategic relationships throughout the world and a willingness to go the extra mile. Contact him for more information at or

Mei-Hsia Tan, MBA, reports she is embracing the second year of her professionally inactive status. Her transmogrification from Silicon Valley employee to stay-at-home mom was recently rendered complete with the purchase of a minivan. Additionally, she has been pursuing her nascent interest in politics, volunteering heavily for the Obama presidential campaign. She writes, "I'm loving being at home full time with my 3-year-old. It's been simultaneously uplifting and humbling. I tell her she's 'not the boss of me' all the time. If only I would believe it myself." Husband Ray Lin, MBA, MA 93, is portfolio manager for the domestic market neutral strategy at San Mateo-based Fuller & Thaler Asset Management. Ray and Mei-Hsia live in Belmont, Calif., with their daughter, Anya.

1999|Reunion April 24-26

James Cook, MBA, of Palo Alto, Callf., is director of project development at a startup, OptiSolar, to build solar farms. He writes, "It's a great way to be mixing work I enjoy with a technology I am passionate about. It's leading to less time with our 5-year-old son, Chris, though coaching T-ball should help that! We are helping to try and pass a bond measure for the local public schools and another effort to try and bring more renewable energy to our city."

Bryon Crowder, MBA, writes, "In February 2007 I left my job as an institutional derivatives salesperson to move my family (wife and four small kids) to Falmouth, Maine, to begin my life as an entrepreneur. I am involved with a startup renewable energy services company, and I am also launching a company called Life is Fluid. Life is Fluid will become the dominate brand in the reusable consumer bottle market by creating a sense of community, environmental, and philanthropic responsibility and excitement across multiple markets and age groups. Life is Fluid's innovative designs, eco-friendly and safe bottles will capture the essence of the fluids of life from those that nourish the body to those that nourish the spirit. Please check out our first offerings at"

Steven Peletz, MBA, and his wife, Kyra, and two children are planning another trip to either South or Central America this summer. He writes, "We have survived the dreaded high school application process in San Francisco. The real estate business in San Francisco continues to surprise in a positive way despite all the bad news nationally and internationally."


Pascal Hoffmann, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, "Hoffmann Family Corp. revealed a recent expansion of its business through organic growth. A new business venture named Henry C. Hoffmann was incorporated on December 27, 2007. While still at the incubation stage, the venture is expected to steadily grow and rapidly become a high-performing asset."

Greg Patterson, MBA, of San Francisco, Calif., CEO of The Advisory Group, writes "Transitioning to a CEO role has been exciting in a wealth strategy firm focused on private clients and 401(k) plans, at a time when individuals and retirement are increasingly aware of the difference between fully-independent advice and biased 'advice.' With the recent Pension Protection Act endorsing the conflict-free and smart-investor-behavior approach we have taken for 20 years in 401(k), we are ahead of the curve and poised for growth. We also continue to do semi-pro-bono work for the retirement plans of a number of charter schools in the Bay Area. On a personal note, my wife and I are enjoying the adventure that is parenthood."

Shiva Saadat, MBA, writes, "I am now living in Los Angeles with my husband, Shahab, and son, Sina (4). I have just joined Strategic Equity Group, a valuation advisory services and investment banking firm as vice president, which is very exciting! The firm performs valuation work for financial and tax reporting purposes, estate and gift tax matters, fairness opinions, ESOP transactions, and other corporate purposes. While L.A. is not as scenic as our favorite home city of San Francisco, it offers a variety of activities for kids and allows us to be near family. In my spare time I enjoy the practice of yoga and meditation. I look forward to reconnecting with friends from Haas in 2008!"


Brisen (Vannice) Brady, MBA, writes, "Scott Brady, MBA 2004, and I have had a busy year. We are still in San Francisco. I am working full time as the director of development at The Urban School of San Francisco, an independent high school in the Haight Ashbury, and Scott is a senior director at Nielsen. And our daughter, Calista, just turned 1 in February! We had a fun party for her, with lots of Haas friends in attendance, including Jennifer Barron, Sara Baylis Cabral and Liz Maw from 2001, and Christian Bennett, Stephanie Fujii, Sarah Fey Kruttschnitt, Steffany Yee Lee, Nancy Nakano, Alison Bartlett Powell, Rob Ricketts, Steve Rusek, and Sid Suri from 2004. Calista now has a stuffed Oski bear, as well as a board book about being a Cal student (not that we're trying to influence her college decisions or anything)."

Sara Olsen, MBA, of San Francisco writes, "Just bought a house last fall in Potrero Hill. My firm, SVT Group, launched, a free resource for folks interested in knowing the best metrics to use to measure the environmental or social impact of their companies and investments."

Kathryn Stambaugh, MBA/MPH, of Albany, Calif., writes, "My husband, Tom, and I are delighted to announce the birth of our third child, Matthew William, on Feb. 2. Our family continues to love living in the Bay Area, and I'm very happy with my work as director of geriatric services for LifeLong Medical Care in Berkeley. Best wishes to all my Haas classmates."

Melissa Weinstock, MBA, writes, "Jeff and I are excited to announce the arrival of our son, Max Benjamin Foor. He was born on Dec. 22, weighing in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and of course, he is adorable! We are definitely learning more and more each day. I am still working for the Federal Home Loan Banks and was recently promoted to manager of the research department, which will give me some new responsibilities. If any of you travel to the Washington, D.C., area, please look us up."


Emilie Cortes, MBA, writes, "Although my new sales role at Moody's KMV has kept me on the road and a bit off the Haas radar screen, I have remained involved with the Association of Women MBAs and connected with Haas classmates there. Sara Filipek, MBA 2002, and I shared dinner at a recent Network & Dine event in San Francisco, and Rony Hsu, MBA 2002, shared drinks at a happy hour in Palo Alto. Rony has just recently relocated to the Bay Area. AWM currently has a generous offer from Clorox that the next 100 women MBAs who become members will have their second-year membership waived. Just go to for more details. Other news is a successful climbing trip in Mexico (where I nearly connected with Miguel Villa, MBA 2002. I trained for a climb of the West Rib route of Denali in June."

Dennis Cox, MBA, of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., writes, "Tara, Shannon (2), and I welcomed Cate into our family Aug 17. I am still in resort real estate sales and am volunteering with a local music education group."

Paul Dyson, MBA, of San Francisco got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Maureen, Dec. 29 at Moss Beach. He should have a crazy year planning the wedding, which is set for November in the Presidio. Paul, along with classmates Rob Williams and Terrance Marshall, is still working at Standard & Poor's, rating municipal bonds.

Honggeun Jeong, MBA, of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, writes, "After graduation, I rejoined my Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea. Then I stayed in Paris for three years at the Permanent Delegation of Korea to the OECD, and I have worked at the Embassy of Korea to Mongolia since 2007 as a deputy chief of mission. Mongolia seems to have become a very exciting place for new business opportunities. In 2004, my only daughter finally had a new brother, and my family becomes a more exiting place, too - continuous war and peace."

Steven Sesar, MBA, writes, "It's been a rather exciting rollercoaster ride the past number of years. Following graduation, I set sail for a six-month adventure through southeast Asia and Australia, a more personalized IBD curriculum! Upon returning home to Los Angeles, I expanded my part-time IT staffing business, GTI Solutions LLC, into a full-time entrepreneurial endeavor that I grew for 2 1/2 years until pursuing a business development position with Internet startup, pre-acquisition. After three years with Shopzilla, I decided to seek out greener startup pastures with early-stage startup and have been Wooing ever since as vice president of marketing and business development alongside former Haas grad Stephen Stokols, MBA 2002, WooMe co-founder and CEO. On the personal front, I found the woman of my dreams of northern California roots upon my return to Los Angeles, Erica Sesar (Newman), who I married two years ago and have spent the past five blissful years together hopping between northern California and southern California staying close to our families."


Greg Amrofell, MBA, of Seattle, Wash., writes, "Meghan and I, along with our daughter Amelia, welcomed Luke Patrick Amrofell into the world on Feb 23. Everyone's doing great and he's already sporting Cal gear."

Sean Besser, MBA, of Santa Monica, Calif., writes, "I got married Dec. 15 in Cabo San Lucas to Samantha Haas (great name!) and then honeymooned in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Joining us at the wedding were Raigen Padayachee, Ian Townsager, Ann (Forst) Townsager, Danny Rabb, Keith Kilpatrick and Karin Geldfeld. I've also left Movielink and joined a new early-stage startup called PROlebrity, where I am the head of strategy and business development. It's a new online sports community dedicated to making it easy for professional athletes to connect and communicate with each other and their fans in a safe and trusted interactive environment."

Tripp Borstel, MBA, proposed to Laura Billings, MBA, and is happily living in Berkeley with plans to marry in October. Laura recently started her own green development and consulting company, Sage Green Development LLC. Tripp started work with Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting in January, advising corporations on how to generate business value through sustainability.

Nick Christy, MBA, of Rochester, Minn., writes, "Heather and I welcomed Tess Nicole into our family in April 2007 and big brother Jack could not possibly be more excited. I'm still with IBM although last year we decided that midtown Manhattan probably wasn't the easiest place to raise a growing family. We now live in balmy Rochester, MN, and are actually getting used to single-digit wind chills. On the off chance that anyone finds themselves in southeastern Minnesota, please look us up!"

Adam Goldworm, MBA, of Los Angeles was named executive vice president of the newly created independent television division at Industry Entertainment, one of Hollywood's foremost management/production companies. "Fear Itself," the first television series to emerge from this new venture, premiered late spring on NBC on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. This 13-episode horror anthology series offers one-hour episodes directed by John Landis, Darren Bousman, Ronny Yu, Brad Anderson, Breck Eisner, Mary Harron, Stuart Gordon, and Ernest Dickerson. "Fear Itself" is a reincarnated version of the Showtime series "Masters of Horror" that Goldworm produced.

Yaman Kocasinan, MBA, of Istanbul, Turkey, writes, "Greetings to all my friends in the MBA classes of 2000 and 2003. For the last six months, I have been heavily involved with spiritual and personal development. Currently, I am on my way to becoming a Quantum Life Coach as well as a Quantum Thinking Practitioner. I received my certificate for both programs in April 2008. I hope to hear from all my friends from the MBA classes of 2000 and 2003. My new e-mail address is"

Mark Kurowski, MBA, writes, "After my wife, Karen, graduated from the veterinary medicine school at UC Davis, she and I and little Spencer moved to Denver, Colo., for the time being, for a bunch of reasons, including having lots of family here but none in California. However, we'll come back to California in a few years, without a doubt. I'm still a residential and small commercial mortgage broker in most states, including of course California. My blog and contact information are at, and I'd love to keep in touch with more of you."

Hilary Mandel, MBA, relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is director of development for Smart Growth BC, a non-governmental organization devoted to fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible land use and development. After spending the last two years running a need-based college scholarship program for Jewish Vocational Service in Los Angeles, she is thrilled to be living in a city with no freeways.

Darren Reinke, MBA, married Melissa Maki, his girlfriend of five years, Aug. 4 in Portland, Ore. The couple relocated to Del Mar, Calif., to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere and sunny weather that San Diego affords. He continues to serve as president of, the board sports community site that he launched in 2007 after moving to southern California.

Dhaval Shah, MBA, joined Moowee Inc. in 2007 as co-founder and CTO following more than 10 years at Cisco.

Amir Sharif-Homayoun, MBA, and Vera Shokina of San Jose, Calif., welcomed their second child, Nadia Sharif, into their family in December. Amir writes, "Although Nadia was born in Stanford, she is still a very lovely baby. Besides, her older sister, Sophia, more than makes up by having been born in Berkeley."

2004|Reunion April 24-26

Raja Khanna, MBA, of New York was promoted to vice president at Lehman Brothers Investment Banking. He and Chetali welcomed their daughter, Arya Radha Khanna, on Oct. 16.

Paulette Pan, MBA, writes, "I stayed on in Munich, Germany, after graduation and the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship. I have pretty much emigrated here. Where are other Haas people in Europe?"

Jacqueline Riojas Singh, BCEMBA, of Burbank, Calif., writes, "Happy to share with the alumni group that Carmen Cerrelli, MBA, Ray Wu, MBA, and I have launched a consulting business serving startup companies. We even have a Cal alum as a client. Love the Cal alumni network! Look us up if we can be of service"

Geoff Wolfe, MBA, of Danville, Calif., co-founded MessageDance, an email-based utility for social media messaging.


Rahul Chandra, MBA, writes, "We located to India in mid 2006. It was exciting resettling back after a seven-year break, but we miss our Haas friends. India has changed a lot over these years, and the excitement of economic growth is being felt everywhere. Of course it's easy to lose our patience in a traffic snarl caused by a new metro line being laid in Delhi. I co-founded Helion, a venture fund that is focused on technology-powered businesses in India. We have made 12 investments since early 2007, and the startup environment is very active here. We look forward to welcoming any Haas, Cal alum or student in Delhi."

Yan Chow, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, "Greetings to classmates and friends! Three pre-teen kids and their myriad activities are keeping us very busy. It's the chauffeur season of life. On a career note: Although still practicing medicine occasionally, in late 2006 I transitioned into a senior technology analyst position with the new national IT Innovation and Advanced Technology Group at Kaiser Permanente. This year I became the associate director. Our group looks at new and emerging clinical information technologies over a two- to five-year horizon. This past year I've assessed robots, digital imaging, medication kiosks, tele-health, virtual worlds, neural nets, and a number of other technologies from the medical, IT, and business perspectives. It's been a terrific experience. If you know of an interesting health care IT startup or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me. Best wishes to everyone, and I hope your best days are still ahead of you."

Severine Corruble, MBA, of San Francisco writes, "I have been involved in real estate for nearly 10 years, mostly in California and more specifically in the Bay Area, first as an owner (and as an investor) and now as a broker associate with Prudential. Real estate is more than a job. It started with a passion for design and architecture. I am in the process of completing yet another house remodeling job. The finished product is going to be great as the design and layout are quite nice. Keep in touch! I always like to show my work,"

Timothy Gray, MBA, of Worcester, Mass., writes, "Soon after receiving my MBA from Haas, I joined my family's wealth management practice at Smith Barney. The Gray Group specializes in helping a select number of high net-worth families accumulate, protect, and distribute assets. We are located in central Massachusetts, though have clients throughout the entire country. We also have a number of great clients in California, which allows me to travel to the Bay Area roughly each quarter. I'd welcome any contact from Haas or Berkeley alums who happen to be living in the New England area."

Kelemen Papp, MBA, of San Francisco writes, "I'm engaged to be married to Bree Mawhorter, UC Berkeley MPP 2005, in November 2008."

Martin White, MBA, of London, England, writes, "Karen and I finally got married (after 12 years - I don't know what took me so long) on Oct. 5. You can see photos at We moved to Zurich, Switzerland, in May 2008 as my company is opening a new office there."

Conrad Young, MBA, an exchange student at Haas in fall 2005, is leading carbon management and corporate responsibility programs for a global management consultancy in London. He has a 10-month-old daughter, Aisha, and is co-chair of the Net Impact London Professional group. He writes, "Look me up if you're in the UK."


Rafael Palhinha Gomes, MBA, of São Paulo, Brazil, was promoted to finance controller, Latin America, at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

Todd Kelly, MBA, of San Francisco writes, "I stepped away from ten-plus years in tax consulting to pursue a brand management career. Took two months off to travel through the Himalayas of Nepal before meeting my significant other in Tibet and surprising her with a proposal. I am working as a marketing consultant to build a solid path to a more lasting brand management role. The May 3 wedding took place in Healdsburg on her family farm/vineyard."

Robert Widman, MBA, of Mill Valley, Calif., welcomed daughter Kaitlyn Angelina Widman born on March 10, 2007. He joined Blue Shield of California as a senior program manager in San Francisco.


Nicole Baer, MBA, and husband, Bryce, of Los Gatos, Calif., welcomed a baby boy on Nov. 13.

Amity Balbutin-Burnham, MBA, writes, "I'm living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, doing the Robert Bosch Fellowship focused on renewable energy financing. From July to December, I was working at the German Energy Agency (DENA) in the renewable energy division. In January, I began working with Dexia Kommunalbank AG in the project and structured finance division. At Dexia, we are working on a few large renewable energy projects in Europe. My husband and I were married Jan. 5, 2007, in San Francisco."

Corinne (Gabriel) Lewy, MBA, of San Francisco writes, "Jordan and I got married in May 2007 and welcomed our first son, Adrien, on August 11."

Sanjay Goil, MBA, of Sunnyvale, Calif., writes, "Ashna Leela Goil was welcomed in our family Dec 27. Mom is getting ready to be back at work at Apple Inc."

Nathaniel Mordo, MBA, writes, "After graduating in May from the EWMBA program I accepted a move to the Paris headquarters of the company I've been working at while in school, Ubisoft. My new title is international brand manager, which is essentially a marketing strategy role."

Renee (Palgutt) McLemore, MBA, writes, "Just before graduation, I took a new position at McKesson Corp as the director of strategic marketing in the health systems segment. And just after graduation, my husband and I welcomed our first child. Connor Ray McLemore was born Aug. 16." The family lives in the east Bay Area in California.



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William Halal, Ph.D., is professor emeritus at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and full-time president of, a virtual think thank that uses 100 experts to forecast breakthroughs in all fields of technology. He also had a sixth book coming out in April, Technology's Promise: Expert Knowledge on the Transformation of Business and Society (London: Palgrave Macmillan). Bill's email address is Halal@gwu.ed.


Guy Holburn, Ph.D., was married in 2005, became a father in 2006, and received tenure in 2007 as associate professor at the University of Western Ontario. He writes, "Hoping to sleep in 2008."



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2004|Reunion April 24-26

Vishal Varma, MFE, and Amanda Pedvin were married Sept. 2 at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, Calif. Amanda graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from UC Berkeley, double majoring in political science and history, and Magna Cum Laude, Order of the Coif from the University of Michigan Law School. Vishal is the director of industry and market research at the Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington, D.C. while Amanda is a member of both the California and District of Columbia Bar and is a tax associate at the law firm of Steptoe and Johnson in Washington, D.C.



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Executive Development



David Shapiro, Executive Development, writes, "I have been living and working in Geneva, Switzerland, but finally tied the knot to my longtime partner, Jason, in a civil partnership in the UK. We'll be moving to London shortly. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood."


David Howard, Executive Development,and a partner have recently organized a strategic management and strategic marketing consulting partnership called Consultiq. David brings 11 years of Silicon Valley high-tech experience and 20 years total experience in information technology, telecommunications, and Internet experience with both startups and large companies like Cisco Systems. David is also a frequent contributor to hot Internet startup He lives in Alameda, Calif., with his wife and son and is active in community issues, such as local education funding and operations of the local municipal telecommunications utility. Contact him at


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