Spring/Summer 2008

In Brief

Haas Hosts Global MBA Conference

A conference at the Haas School in April for MBA student leaders from a dozen countries generated so much enthusiasm that participants for the first time ever volunteered to contribute funds for future events.

Participants at the annual Graduate Business Conference, hosted by Haas, voluntarily pledged money from their student association budgets for the Graduate Business Forum, an international, nonprofit group for MBA student leaders that helps organize the conference each year.

"The fact that the conference hosted by Haas inspired students to dedicate resources to the forum for the first time in its 26-year history was the most exciting demonstration of the event's success," says Clifford Dank, MBA 08, president of the Haas School MBA Association.

As chairman of the Graduate Business Forum Presidents' Network, Dank was responsible for coordinating this year's conference at the Haas School. More than 90 MBA student leaders from the world's top 40 business schools attended the event.


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