Marcos Kulka Kuperman, MBA 01, Meets Prince


Kuperman meets Prince

Marcos Kulka Kuperman (far left), MBA 01, general manager/CEO of Fundación Chile, met Prince Charles (far right) on the Prince‘s visit to Eco Pellets, a company developed by Fundación.

During the visit, which grabbed headlines in virtually all of the major newspapers and magazines in Chile, the Prince talked with Kulka and more than a dozen other executives about how companies can partner with non-government organizations to fight climate change.

Eco Pellets is one of more than 76 companies that Fundación, a nonprofit business incubator, has helped create. On a tour of the company’s factory in Santiago, the Prince learned how the company produces energy from wood pellets. “To my surprise he went by each employee in the plant, asking them some specific questions related to their work,” Kulka says. “He was really empathetic.”