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Miller Gives Gift to "Bridge the Gap" Fund

Each year, the Haas School of Business faculty produce some of the most significant research in their fields, while still inspiring minds in the classroom. And each year the Haas School faces intense competition from other academic institutions and from industry for our rising stars of academia.

Fortunately, loyal supporters of the Haas School like George A. Miller, MBA 61, help to ensure that Haas has the means to attract and retain one of our greatest assets - a premier faculty by giving to the "Bridge the Gap Faculty Excellence Fund." Miller gave $100,000 to "Bridge the Gap" in 2001. This was his third consecutive annual gift in this amount for faculty excellence.

Recruiting and retaining excellent faculty members remain among the highest priorities and most challenging propositions for the school. But with the funds that Miller and other friends of the school continue to donate, Haas is able to supplement faculty summer salaries, retain key faculty, and improve offers to outstanding new faculty members.

"The ability to move the Haas School forward was enhanced by George Miller's leadership in the "Bridge the Gap" Fund," said outgoing Dean Laura D'Andrea Tyson. "With the announcement of the new Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA program in September, we now have a way to extend the bridge to dry land thanks to his foresight."

The future is bright for incoming students at the Haas School of Business because people like Miller continue to invest in the future of management education and take active roles in maintaining the high standard of teaching excellence at Haas.

"Twelve years ago I set out on a rather novel form of planned giving," said Miller. "My 25-year plan is to give away (I call it investing) everything I have. And on my 80th birthday I want to have a large Martini and die broke. So far so good."

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George A. Miller, MBA 61
George A. Miller, MBA 61
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