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Keep it Simple, Marketer!

Marketing Success in the 21st Century Is All About Fewer Choices and Relieving Customer Stress.

An except from a new book, Simplicity Marketing, by Peter Sealey and Steven M. Cristol.

A new imperative for the positioning discipline has emerged: that marketers look for ways to connect their brands to simplicity. The interaction of two forceful tides - extreme choice proliferation and an exponentially increasing pace of change - creates a combustible combination that at once brings customers unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented anxiety. In the most developed economies of the twenty-first century, the next generation of positioning success will belong to these brands that relieve customer stress. That means simplifying customer's lives or businesses in ways that are inextricably tied to brand and product positioning. It means becoming the customer's partner in stress relief. Brands that do this will be the customer's heroes. Brands that don't will be nuisances.

We find great utility in simplifying the range of Simplicity Marketing strategies by reducing it to what we mnemonically call The Four R's: Replace, Repackage, Reposition, and Replenish.

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Intro / Replace / Repackage / Reposition / Replenish

Peter Sealey

Peter Sealey, adjunct professor of marketing
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