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From Biz Ed to Journalism: Award-Winning Anchor Thrives on Local News

As a television reporter, Dwyer covers everything from fires and murders to the economy and the Middle East. It’s not the business career that Diane Dwyer envisioned while studying finance, cost accounting, and statistics at the Haas School, but she’s happy to have landed where she has.

“I loved statistics and numbers and now I write for a living,” says Dwyer, who comes from a business-oriented family; her father is an accountant and her two brothers, Tom, BS 75, and John, BS 80, graduated from the Haas School. Dwyer was the weekend anchor and an Emmy-winning reporter at KTVU’s Ten O’Clock News, Channel 2 in Oakland, for twelve years and now anchors the weekend news for KNTV, the NBC affiliate in San Jose (NBC11).

While working briefly in corporate investment banking in New York and San Francisco after graduation, Diane realized that was not what she wanted, “I didn’t feel I was doing anything tangible,” she says. So she interned at a TV station in Palm Springs, California. It was a match, and she has been in broadcasting ever since.

Her business education, she says, has been invaluable. As a journalist, she must analyze and condense information quickly. “Haas also taught me discipline at a pretty early age,” says Dwyer wryly. “If nothing else, you had to be motivated and dedicated to get the grades to get into the school.” Crucial guidance, she cites, came from Ruth Nice, the late assistant director and director of admissions of the Haas Undergraduate Program, and other administrators within the Haas School.

“One of my most striking memories as an undergraduate at the Haas School was the typical college nightmare,” remembers Diane Dwyer. “I slept through my alarm on exam day and when I woke up, realized I had missed half of my exam. I rushed into a cab, got to class, and finished the test in time,” she smiles. She later found out that she had gotten an A.

She currently lives in Orinda with her husband Tim Sharp, a Stanford grad – a “mixed marriage” as she puts it – with their three-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. At the Big Game, between Cal and Stanford, her family’s divided loyalties have taken a diplomatic and innovative twist. Dwyer bought Cal and Stanford sweatshirts for the children, cut them in half and sewed them together to read “Calford” and “Stanifornia.” Many people asked where they got the outfits, and Dwyer says she could use her Haas skills in yet another way – to start a small business!

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Diane Dwyer
Diane Dwyer
BS 87

News Reporter, KNTV
San Jose/San Francisco
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