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Baby Boom Drives Growth of Undergraduate Program

The Haas Undergraduate Program is expanding to meet a new wave of incoming students planning to enroll in UC Berkeley in the coming years. The student increase will add an additional 150 students to the two-year, upper division business program by 2004-2005.

The Haas Undergraduate Program has historically been one of the hardest majors on campus for students to gain admission. While the undergraduate business program generally draws the best and the brightest applicants among UC Berkeley’s juniors and the region’s transfer students, the program has had room to enroll only 275 of the 1300 applicants. The expansion will allow more of these qualified applicants to gain admission to the Haas program.

The expansion will increase the number of Haas School alumni, thereby strengthening the alumni network. It will also secure more funding to hire additional Haas faculty, as the university allocates state funding based on student enrollment. “We’re pleased that campus has given the Haas School the resources to expand the undergraduate program both in terms of eventually accepting and enrolling an additional 150 students and in terms of allowing more access to business courses by non-business majors,” said Andy Shogan, associate dean for instruction.

The expanded Haas Undergraduate Program will fully use the summer session, requiring all admits to attend six weeks of pre-program summer school. The new July start date will help to accommodate the increased class size and is designed to integrate Cal students with their transfer student counterparts as they enter the fall program. Classes will be scheduled only two days a week, so students will be able to work part-time, take additional summer classes, or explore the area.

Haas will also eliminate the spring admission cycle and phase out the business minor to make way for more business majors.

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