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In Memoriam

William V. Power, BS 30

Arthur P. Crist, BS 31

Takeo Okamoto, BS 33

Lloyd M. Eveland, BS 34

Mary Siegert, BS 34

George Sasaki, BS 36

Floyd W. Johnson, BS 37

Kenneth E. Brown, BS 38

Patricia A. Burd, BS 38

Mahlon F. Cook, BS 38

Virginia A. Hoadley, BA 38

Richard F. Tharp, BS 38

Herman C. Hittenberger, BS 39

Robert L. Lynch, BS 39

Edward L. Soule, BS 39

Edward K. Diran, BS 40

Ben T. Fukutome, BS 42

Jay P. Hamerslag, BS 43

Leland A. Wayne, BS 43

Wendell J. Pomares, BS 45

George G. Little, BS 47

Albert W. Agnew, MBA 48

Thomas A. Edwards, BS 48

John G. Heywood, BS 48

Warren G. Sanford, BS 48

Conway Smith, BS 48

Stanley C. Nelson, BS 49

Robert L. Raschen, BS 49

Glenn V. Vivrette, BS 49

Paul F. Sharp, BS 50

Herbert F. Brandt, BS 52

William L. Denault, BS 52

Robert B. Over, BS 52

Douglas L. Thoreson, BS 52

Darrel L. Brown, BS 53

Daniel Friedman, BS 54

Lewis W. Lee, BS 54

Henry M. Hermann, BS 56

W. Jefferson Giles, BS 57

Robert C. Marks, BS 59

James P. Wagener, BS 59

Ronald E. Sorenson, MBA 62

William S. Hall, BS 63

Richard B. Iglehart, BS 64

Alan S. Lanka, MBA 64

Elliot H. Stevenson, MBA 71

Bruce R. Bishop, MBA 73

Henry E. Fink, MBA 87

John D. Scanlan, MBA 89

Barbara J. Violante, BS 89

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