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In Memorium

Raymond J. Biagi, BS 32
Jimmie Tabata, BS 38
Alfred G. Bean, BS 39
Merrell W. Skeels, BS 39
Clyde C. Cox, BS 40
Bruce C. Wildman, BS 40
William L. Blair, BS 41
Kenneth S. Martin, BS 41
Frank Ross, BS 41
Alvin D. Thomas, BS 41
Walter E. Otto, BS 43
William K. Warnock, BS 43
Alvin Hayman, BS 44
James M. Garrett, BS 48
Robert S. Greenwood, BS 48
Donald P. Knellwolf, BS 48
William E. Allen, BS 49
Lavaughn L. Bussee, BS 49
John E. Grant, BS 49
William A. Maches, BS 49
Francis J. Ballentine, BS 50
John E. Kuhl, MBA 50
Craig S. Kuhns, BS 50
Robert J. Colombatto, BS 51
Patricia B. Franke, BS 52
Ronald A. Lempriere, BS 52
William M. Shreve, BS 52
Robert J. Galway, BS 55
Robert F. Mulvany, BS 57
Robert L. Irvine, BS 58
Dennis R. Schmitz, BS 64
Max J. Garelick, MBA 66
James C. Maxwell, MBA 68
Alan B. Snyder, MBA 69
Wilbert R. Taylor, BS 74
Oscar W. Ellis, MBA 78
Karen R. Southwick, MBA 88

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