Winter 2006

Cover Story
Learning, Growing, and Giving Back
Barclay Simpson, BS 66, founder and chairman of Simpson Manufacturing, Inc., is the Haas School's Business Leader of the Year for 2005.

Feature Stories
Meet Your Haas Network
Meet the interesting individuals that make the Haas Alumni Network such a valuable resource. These six recent alumni have taken the Haas School's culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to heart and built their own businesses.

Prof. Vogel on the Market for Virtue
In his new book, The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility, Professor David Vogel appraises the corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement's accomplishments and limitations.

Prof. Shapiro Untangles the Patent Thicket
"The BlackBerry is the perfect example of what's wrong with our patent system, but it is certainly not the only one," says Haas School Professor Carl Shapiro.

Prof. Laura Kray on Playing Against Type
In her research, Kray explores the power of gender stereotyping at the bargaining table, building on and challenging previous research that found that men and women don’t share equal success in negotiations.