Winter 2006

In Brief

Prof. Teece Among Faculty Most Cited

Professor David Teece was recognized in late 2005 as tenth most cited scholar worldwide in economics, business, and finance, according to Science Watch, a publication that tracks research trends. To conduct the survey, Science Watch built a list of the most cited institutions, authors, and journals from 1995 to 2005. Teece, the Mitsubishi Bank Professor of International Business and Finance and director of the Institute of Management, Innovation, and Organization, was tenth on the list of most-cited authors with 897 citations. UC Berkeley ranked #7 in total citations. UC Berkeley also ranked #14 in impact (defined as number of citations per paper). Teece is also a coauthor of the most cited paper in the survey, "Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management" (Strategic Management Journal, 18 [7] 1997), which has been cited over 600 times.

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David Teece
David Teece