Winter 2006

In Brief

Berkeley MBA Students Use Digital Media to Benefit Afghani Teachers

Two full-time Berkeley MBA students who embarked on a digital recording mission to Afghanistan, where under Taliban rule most music was banned, have released their 11-song album of traditional Afghan music, called Afghan Music Project.

The team, Adam Gouttierre and Chris Becherer, both MBA 06, traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan, to record folk musicians in a time rife with civil unrest, which included riots and frequent kidnappings of Westerners. The students chronicled the trip through their blog at

The Afghan Music Project, now available for download through Apple’s iTunes and Real’s Rhapsody, has already broken the top 20 on the iTunes World Music Chart. It was made possible with the help of a fellowship from the Haas School’s Clausen Center for International Business and Policy. All proceeds from the project will fund Afghani music teachers in Kabul, who will teach music education to youth, particularly young women. According to the team, just 600 song downloads (or 60 album sales) will fund one teacher’s salary for an entire year.

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