Winter 2006

In Brief

Annual Fund Surpasses Goal

The 2004-2005 annual fund reached a total of $2,036,154, exceeding its $1.8 million goal due in part to the continuing competition between the class gift committees and the launching of the new 10-10-20 fundraising campaign.

Haas has made great strides on reaching the goals of the 10-10-20 campaign, which started in May 2005 and is striving for annual goals of $10 million in new endowment, 10% undergraduate alumni participation, and 20% MBA alumni participation.

By November of last year, Berkeley MBA alumni giving had increased to 19% of the total, and undergraduate alumni giving is up to almost 7% of the total number of undergraduate alumni. Total alumni participation was up from 9.75% to 12%. New additions to the endowment through gifts and pledges this past year equaled $6.85 million -- not quite the $10 Million goal, but a strong showing for the first six months of the 10-10-20 Campaign.

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