Winter 2006

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Welcome to the electronic version of CalBusiness, the alumni magazine of the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. CalBusiness Online includes all features and major articles published in the printed magazine.

The Managing Editor of CalBusiness is John Stafford. Contact John at 1-510-642-2734 or with questions or comments or to receive a complimentary copy of CalBusiness.

A Banking Legend: A.W. 'Tom' Clausen
Summer 2005

  • Leveraging the Power of Two
  • Your Haas Network
A Banking Legend: A.W. 'Tom' Clausen
Winter 2005

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Haas School Recognizes A.W. "Tom" Clausen
  • The Politics of Energy in California
Applying Rocket Science...
Summer 2004

  • Applying Rocket Science to Business Decisions
  • Learning by Doing: Real-life projects Prepare Students
A Matter of Business: Howard Lester
Winter 2004

  • A Matter of Business: Williams-Sonoma's Howard Lester
  • Beyond Dot-Com: The Marriage Between Business and Engineering
Smart & Ambitious -- 

Haas Undergraduates Mean Business
Summer 2003

  • Haas Undergraduates Mean Business
  • Returning the Gift of Education
Wireless & Global
Winter 2003

  • Wireless & Global
  • Bricks and Mortar Boards
Haas Welcomes its New Dean, Tom Campbell
Spring 2002

  • Former Congressman Tom Campbell Named Dean of the Haas School
  • Learning from the Boom: Five Lessons From the 90s
A Lifetime of Leadership
Winter 2002

  • Building a Legacy
  • Keep it Simple, Marketer!
  • The Tyson Years
Reunion 2001
Summer 2001

  • Reunion 2001: Celebrating the classes of 1976 & 1996
  • Blockbuster Tokyo Alumni Symposium
  • Market Entry Strategies for Innovators
Taking it Global
Winter 2001

  • Taking it Global
  • Information Technology and Haas
  • Building a Balanced Company
Blazing a Trail in the New Economy
Spring 2000

  • Blazing a Trail in the New Economy
  • Building Brands - The Role of the Web
  • How Haas Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Era of E-Business
Haas School Legends: Celebrating Some of Berkeley's Most Amazing People
Fall 1999

  • Haas School Legends: Celebrating Some of Berkeley's Most Amazing People
  • Pursuing Dreams in the World: Stories from the Class of 99
  • Lucent CEO Launches High-Tech Lecture Series
  • Haas MBAs Recognize Women in Leadership
Laura D'Andrea Tyson at Year One
Spring 1999

  • Interview With Dean Laura D’Andrea Tyson
  • Old-Fashioned Economics Still Rules in the New Network Economy
  • The Rising Value of Haas School Connections
Warren 'Ned' Spieker Jr., Business Leader of the Year
Fall 1998

  • Business Leader of the Year: Warren Ned Spieker Jr.
  • Laura Tyson Takes Helm at Haas
  • Greenspan Opens Business Faculty Research Dialogue at Haas School
Haas Celebrates 100 Years of Leadership
Spring 1998

  • Haas Celebrates 100 Years of Leadership
  • EBOP Launches New Community Outreach Programs for Former Military Base Workers and Marin Residents
  • Dean Hasler Reflects on Seven Years at Haas
PG's Richard A. Clarke named Haas School Business Leader of the Year
Fall 1997

  • Energizing PG&E: How Richard A. Clarke Positioned the Northern California Utility for the New Era of Competition
  • New Center Focuses on Innovations in Organizational Effectiveness
  • Xerox Endows Distinguished Professorship in Knowledge
Thomas W. Tusher, retired president and COO of Levi Strauss & Co., 1996 Business Leader of the Year
Spring 1997

  • Haas School Business Leader of the Year: Reinventing Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Haas Lecturers Bring Fresh Insights into MBA Classrooms
  • 1996 MBAs Weave New Webs on the Internet
The Cal Bear with EU halo, symbol of the Haas European Symposium, leads Alumni to Munich
Fall 1996

  • Three Eurobears Examine the Trends
  • Raymond Miles Sees Future Organizations as Smaller, Faster, and Smarter
  • Haas in the Olympics
  • Seeds of Democratic Capitalism Sprout in St. Petersburg
The new Haas School of Business forms a global golden gateway
Spring 1996

  • Building for the Future
  • Taking Whimsy To School
  • Creativity Meets Individualism at Haas
  • EBOP Trains Minority Entrepreneurs
Paul Hazen, Wells Fargo CEO and Haas 1995 Alumnus of the Year
Winter 1996

  • Banking on Service and Technology
  • NIMBY Syndrome Threatens Bay Area Development
  • RentNet Offers Virtual Apartment Hunting
  • Earthquakes Shake Insurance Industry