Winter 2007

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Network is a Verb


In the few years since I graduated, I have come to rely on the Haas Alumni Network as an indispensable resource. Twice, in as many years, I have picked up and moved to completely new parts of the world – first to London, England, and now to Princeton, New Jersey. Despite having no previous contacts in either location, I set out boldly, knowing that I had the depth of the alumni network to help me land on my feet. I am able to tap into the network for valuable connections and new friendships regularly.


As I build and leverage the alumni network I have learned some valuable things.


First, the word "network" is better as a verb than a noun. It is an activity, not a contact list. We have earned our place in the alumni directory by virtue of our graduation but we truly create a network when we engage with each other. It takes deliberate effort to reach out, and to stay in touch.


Second, the real power of the network emerges when you think of it first as a way to help other people. I have been amazed at the number of times I have been able reach into my network and connect people together. In the words of Keith Ferazzi, in his wonderful book Never Eat Alone, "Real networking is about finding ways to make other people successful."


Finally, I have learned that HAN is not only a network of people -- it is also a network of ideas and action. We are all inextricably linked through our common bond to Haas. We rise and fall together. We share ideas, we start companies, we drive change, and we strive to make the world a better place. As we excel and move forward in our careers, we enable and share in each other's success.


Take a fresh look at your network. Invest the energy to reach out to key people just to stay in touch. Stay connected to Haas and engage with the Haas Alumni Network in any way you can.




Heather Hollick, MBA 04

HAN Alumni Council Member

HAN - New York Board Member

Former Evening & Weekend MBAA President


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