Winter 2007

In Brief

Leadership Boost for Core Curriculum


Full-time Berkeley MBA students started enrolling in a new core course last semester to assess their leadership skills and to develop roadmaps for improving those skills.


The centerpiece of the class is a comprehensive assessment of each student's leadership skills based on confidential evaluations from former bosses, co-workers, peers, and clients. The assessments allow students to develop an understanding of their strengths and opportunities as leaders. At the end of the course, students must develop plans to further strengthen their skills.


To complement their plans, guest speakers present cases to the class based on situations they faced as leaders. Last semester's guests included Nathan Brostom, vice chancellor of administration at UC Berkeley, and Shantanu Narayen, MBA 93, president and chief operating officer at Adobe Systems.


The class, titled "Leadership," was developed by Professor Jennifer Chatman and Assistant Professor Pino Audia. It is also available as an elective in the Evening & Weekend MBA program.


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