Winter 2007

In Brief

On the Job Innovation


Nearly 50 Berkeley MBA students helped a discount travel Web site develop strategies to build business at the inaugural Haas@Work workshop in San Francisco on December 1, 2006.


Haas@Work is one of the experiential learning exercises developed as part of the Haas School's Leading Through Innovation strategy. The program helps Berkeley MBA students develop distinctive capabilities and gives them an opportunity to work closely with companies to solve their business challenges.


Following weeks of advance preparation, students from both the Full-time and Evening & Weekend MBA programs attended a one-day workshop where they were separated into sub-teams focusing on the travel firm's priorities, including conversion and retention, consumer demographics and buyer behavior, risk perception, and cross-selling.


Each team consisted of about ten Berkeley MBA students, two company employees, and a trained Haas@Work facilitator. The teams presented recommendations to the company executives, including a senior vice president and a vice president.


The executives discussed selected one of the recommendations for a smaller Haas implementation team to pursue during the first 100 days of 2007. Students were selected to join the implementation team based on their workshop performance and will enroll in the new "Seminar in Applied Innovation" course, which will be taught by Adam Berman, BS 85, during the Spring 2007 semester. Berman is the executive director for Curriculum Innovation and he has been working to advance the curricular and extra-curricular dimensions of the Haas School strategic plan.

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