Winter 2007

In Brief

Oil Executives Learn New Skills

The Haas School's Center for Executive Development (CED) was selected to provide multi-year executive education program to top executives and project managers of the Norwegian energy company Statoil. The oil and gas provider will become the world's largest offshore operator after completing its merger with Norwegian Norsk Hydro Oil Division in 2007.


Berkeley was chosen from 50 universities to provide Statoil's Project Executive Program, according to Margareth Ovrum, executive vice president for Statoil's Technology & Projects. Key faculty from Haas, engineering, social sciences, and international studies at UC Berkeley as well as industry experts and Statoil executives developed the highly customized curriculum.


Project managers who oversee $1-10 billion capital projects will participate in the program. Their training will focus on balancing innovation and risk, project leadership, excellence, and working in complex geopolitical environments.


The first cohort of managers began their one-year participation at Haas in October 2006 with upcoming modules taking place in Norway and other international locations. The program will return to Haas for the second cohort in August 2007.

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