Winter 2009

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Find Friends, Industry Connections in Upgraded Haas@Cal

The new Haas@Cal is all about helping you connect with Haas alumni who share similar interests, career paths, and professional opportunities. In Facebook fashion and LinkedIn likeness, you can now establish a network of “friends” You can also join and create your own groups.

But Haas@Cal is unique: It’s Haas only. No other business professionals nor other Cal alumni can access Haas@Cal. It’s a safe haven that gives you more freedom to virtually “put yourself out there.”

Of course, you may still want to cast a wide net with multiple online resources. That’s why we’ll continue to offer Haas connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter. But, Haas@Cal is the only networking directory that contains ALL Haas alumni and ONLY Haas alumni.

So, please, take advantage of this Haas alumni benefit and actively participate. You will find the Haas friends and connections you need. Log in today and help make Haas@Cal a success:

Haas@Cal –

(Your PIN is above your name on the CalBusiness mailing label.)

I look forward to connecting with you online. As always, please share your thoughts and feedback with us at any time:

All the best from campus,

Tenny Frost
Executive Director
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Tenny Frost

Tenny Frost,

Executive Director

Alumni Relations &
Annual Giving