Alumni Notes




David Rea, BS, of Stockton, Calif., writes, “Thankful to be up and around and still enjoying life at age 90 with my wife of 50 years, three grown children, and four grandchildren.”


Robert Dahl, BS, of Walnut Creek, Calif., writes, ”During WWII, I was a co-pilot on B-24 bombers. During my working career I was a maintenance engineer. The company no longer exists. In my retirement years I wrote a patent titled ’Wireless Flight Control System.’ You may see it by Googling 5531402.”


Shirley Foster Hartley, BS, PhD 69 (Sociology), actually diverged from her interest in business and accounting after having two children with husband, Dave. Returning to Berkeley Grad School in Sociology, she completed the doctorate and taught 23 different courses as divergent as Social Psychology to World Population and Sociology of the Future. In 25 years at Cal State East Bay she served briefly as department chair, wrote and published three books and over 20 articles in professional journals, and served on the Board of the Population Association of America. She and Dave have been retired and living on Maui, travelling to over 130 countries knowing that the whole world is a laboratory for sociologists. They work as a team as volunteer mediators, and Shirley serves on the Board of Planned


After a stint in the Korean War, Ronald ”Bud” Figel, BS, attended the Naval Electronic School and combined his business degree with electronics and began work for The Dalmo-Victor Company. He advanced to manufacturing and quality control, but didn’t see a future. He started a retail sporting goods company in Denver, Colo., and expanded that to three stores. He sold the stores and went into commercial real estate brokerage. He concentrated his efforts into Adams County, Colo., north of Denver. He was invited to sit on the Adams County Board of Governors and developed the Adams County Real Estate Data Bank. He was awarded the Economic Developer of the Year for years 1974 and 1975. Bud assisted in the development and establishment of Denver International Airport (D.I.A.) which was annexed into Denver from Adams County. Bud was a member of The ”Society of Office and Industrial Realtors” (SIOR). He is a member of The Rotary Club of Denver and Denver’s City Club. He is married to Mimi and has four sons, all professionals, and seven grandchildren.


David Flinn, BS, of Alamo, Calif., is a judge presiding over the complex civil litigation department of Contra Costa County Superior Court. He also teaches California judges and attorneys various topics regarding business litigation. He writes, ”Cal business school education has been invaluable.”


Christy Reehl, BS, see 1962 MBA notes.

Kent Sather, BS, see 1965 MBA notes.


Vijay Kumar Pandit, BS, is a member of the board of advisors for InternetSpeech. He writes, ”Glad that Cal was victorious over Stanford in the Big Game. My granddaughter, Linden Desjardins, is now over 1, and growing happily. My son, Jay, a structural engineer who lives in Emeryville, is suffering due to the recession and hoping for a quick recovery. He did help construct the Sutardja Dai Hall, which contains the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society at UC Berkeley. I am also involved with the California Democratic Council and contribute my views via group e-mail. In addition, I am a founding member, currently secretary, of BAIALC Lions Club, based in Saratoga, Calif.”


Jon Cartwright, BS, see MBA 1967 notes.


Peter Meeks, BS, writes, ”I have been in Scottsdale, Ariz., for five years now, and I am still working full-time as a partner at BDO Seidman LLP as part of our ever vibrant national Alliance program of CPA and Business Resource Network firms. The BDO Seidman Alliance program is one of the largest of its kind and allows me the opportunity to interact and visit with people around the country. I spend a great deal of time each week flying to locations in the West, Southwest, and Southeast as a goodwill ambassador utilizing program orientation and refresher presentations for our membership. I now have five grandchildren living in the San Francisco Peninsula and come to California often, not only to visit with family and friends, but to work with the Haas Development Council and other UCB activities on campus. I believe it is so rewarding to give back to the Haas School and UC Berkeley for all that the school has given us towards our life’s achievements and the growth and development of our personal knowledge and evolving interests. Golfing has found a way into my life at the age of 63 and has presented all the typical challenges and frustrations it brings. But I’m sticking with it! Additionally, as I near retirement, I will be looking over the landscape searching out new interests and activities (both social and civic). Until then, let’s do all that we can to stretch our support for the school during these financially challenging times.”


Mary (Peggy) Bush, BS, see MBA 1985 notes.


Jim Hale, BS, of San Francisco continues to work with small IT software and services firms, which offer solutions to today’s problems confronting the financial services industry, through his VC firm, FTV Capital.

Arnold Nixon, BS, of Petaluma, Calif., and his wife, Kassie, have three children: Jenny, Kate, and Maggie. He is a Sonoma County planning commissioner and CFO at Icore/Zodiac Aerospace in Santa Rosa. He is also a board member of the Redwood Empire Chapter of APICS and the Santa Rosa Manufacturing Group and a member of the Redwood Empire Chapter of Institute of Management Accounting.


Thomas Leaver Jr., BS, is the CEO of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange since 2008. He has more than 30 years of experience in global refining, marketing, crude oil, and petroleum product trading, marine transportation, and logistics. He began his career with Edgington Oil Co. in Long Beach, Calif., learning the refining business, where he held several positions up to manager of crude oil and product sales and supply. From there, he moved into pure trading, first with Apex Oil Co. in St. Louis, Mo., and then in London with the Finnish national oil company Neste Oy. As director and then managing director, he co-led the establishment and international expansion of one of the most successful energy trading firms in crude oil and petroleum products, in both physical and derivatives markets. Following 10 years with Neste, he established the OTC derivative business in Europe and Asia for Nations Banc-CRT (now Bank of America). Subsequently, Mr. Leaver was appointed president of TransCanada International Petroleum Ltd., establishing the global trading arm of TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. More recently, Mr. Leaver has acted as an external consultant for McKinsey & Co., advising national and international oil companies in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Prior to joining the Dubai Mercantile Exchange as COO in 2006, he was a senior fund manager of RAB Capital’s commodities energy fund in London.

William Setnor, BS, writes, ”For the past 30 years, my hobby has been working in various inventor and entrepreneur organizations here in the South Bay Area of California. Since 2002, I’ve facilitated The Entrepreneur Team in Sunnyvale, a small group of like-minded business and professional people, who are trying to develop new products and services for the marketplace. We meet most every Thursday afternoon for lunch and discussion. Currently, our team members have two new products out ( and and we’re now looking to provide free feedback and help for new members with their technical or consumer ideas. We have a safe and informal forum for any would-be entrepreneurs to share their vision, and I would love to hear from any Bay Area Bears. Contact me at for meeting information and further questions.”


Steven Hartman, BS, of Los Angeles writes, ”Earlier this year I released a couple of iPhone applications – California Wildflowers and Sierra Nevada Wildflowers – in partnership with EarthRover Software. Finally, a wildflower guide that fits in your pocket! Find out more at or”


Barry Epstein, BS, was named one of the Top 100 Lawyers in California by the Daily Journal, California’s largest legal news source. He is managing partner of the Oakland firm, Fitzgerald Abbott & Beardsley LLP. One of two natural resources attorneys to be included on the list, he was recognized for his groundbreaking work enforcing California’s Water Supply Law on behalf of his clients, the Madera County Farm Bureau and Chowchilla Water District, and his recent work securing permits and water rights for an innovative water storage project for California organic farmers. The project has the added benefit of enhancing the state’s coho salmon and steelhead habitats. Mr. Epstein’s notable work protecting the state’s wetlands in Del Norte County, helping California Wildlife Foundation acquire land in Contra Costa County for inclusion in a regional park, and helping the Nevada Land Conservancy acquire land for conveyance to the federal Bureau of Land Management also contributed to his making the list of California’s top lawyers. He is also active in the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar as an advisor to and former member of the Executive Committee, formerly served as chair of the Environmental Law Section of the Bar Association of San Francisco, and serves as president of the nonprofit Coastal Conservancy Association.


Tom Frainier, BS, see MBA 1981 notes.

Richard Reeves, BS, see MBA 1987 notes.


Russ Irwin, BS, is sailing a 54-foot boat in the east Caribbean and heading towards the west Caribbean, Panama, and the South Pacific in 2010. More details are at

Supramu Santosa, BS, see MBA 1981 notes.


Joann (Martens) Weiner, BS, writes, ”I write about economics and other interesting subjects for I teach economics and finance at George Washington University.”


Michael Sanchez, BS, and Gerald Posner, JD, submitted an application to the California Alumni Association to establish a UC Berkeley Alumni Club in South Beach, Fla. Sanchez, who has an MBA from Kansas University, worked in private banking in Switzerland. In 1996 he founded Cascais Investimentos in Cascais, Portugal, and now serves as its chief investment officer. Posner was one of the youngest attorneys ever hired by the Wall Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore. He is a 1975 UC Berkeley graduate and a 1978 graduate of Hastings Law School. He serves as counsel to the law firm he founded, Posner and Ferrara, and is a full-time journalist and author.


Todd Frank, BS, of Elfin Forest, Calif., continues to enjoy his return to Southern California after an extended stay on the East Coast (primarily Boston). He just celebrated the fifth anniversary of his business, Frank Financial Services. His three kids, Jeremy (13), Samantha (7), and Danielle (5), are now all in ”big school,” and their parents look forward to the next phase of their schooling: getting them into Cal.

Michael Gabrielson, BS, of Moraga, Calif., left Arthur Andersen as tax manager in 1988, earning his MBA from Wharton in 1990. After stints with consulting firms, he spent the last 19 years working in turnaround management for distressed businesses and working with bankruptcy trustees in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases. He started Gabrielson & Co. in 1995 and hasn’t looked back. He now runs a $100 million business as CFO in the Chapter 11 process. He is happily married since 1987 to Mary and has three children (18), (14), and (10), all boys. The oldest is a freshman at Cal studying biology for a career in medicine. Michael’s wife is a pediatric nurse practitioner, and they have lived in Moraga for 14 years. He writes, ”Lucky to have been able to play hoops three days a week and play competitive tennis, and have the work flexibility to see my children grow.”


John Miller, BS, of Bend, Ore., writes, ”I have a very good friend who tells me all paths lead to humility. I believe him. Now I am a living meditation on flow vs. force. I am a partner in One Risk Group LLC of Pleasanton, Calif., and Oregon Yerba Mate of Redmond, Ore., board president of the Green Economy Institute, executive director of the Old Stone Foundation of Bend, and proud father of Pirie and Sabrina with my bride, Monica.”


Joseph Asiano, BS, writes, ”Last March I moved to UBS Private Wealth Management, where I am a senior vice president, investments. I came to UBS from Credit Suisse, where I had worked since finishing my MBA at Yale in 1997. My wife and I live in San Francisco and have two kids (8) and (6). We stay busy with local family, school, and church activities.”


Jeannette Gerber, BS, of New York, writes, ”I started Smart Test Prep (, a tutoring business, just over three years ago. It is incredibly exciting to be my own boss after working in the corporate environment most of my work life. My goal is to grow into a boutique tutoring enterprise with five tutors, and I’m halfway there. I use so much of what I’ve learned at the Haas Business School and am incredibly grateful for the years at Cal. My goal is to provide our students with the tools that will enable them to do well in college and life in general. My husband, Matko, a phenomenal woodworker, and I organize a three-day art salon at our home once a year. We call the event, to which we invite a small number of regional artists and artisans, Touched by Design ( It is now time to organize our next event, which will take place Mother’s Day weekend, 2010. It would be awesome if any of you East Coasters have a chance to stop by and say hello.”


Frannie Mok, BS, has been an attorney since 1995. She has her own practice specializing in business, civil, real estate litigation, family, immigraton, personal bankruptcy, personal injury, housing, wills and trust law, and loan modification. She has offices in downtown San Francisco and Oakland. She can be reached at Her older child has started learning how to drive, and her younger child is in fourth grade. She enjoys exercising, singing karaoke, and ballroom dancing in her spare time.


emael, BS, (formerly Ernesto Arellano), recently returned to San Francisco after spending a year of meeting celebrities and promoting his book, The Last American Icon, in Hollywood. He presently enjoys a new position with Gap Inc. and looks forward to finishing his much anticipated first musical.


Andrea Romano, BS, writes, ”Exciting for me to share with you all that I have finally moved my family to Parma. Directing Dell OEM business in Italy, I enjoy Parma’s great central location, which allows travel anywhere in Italy in a few hours. Should I mention great food, excellent schools and fun outdoor neighborhoods? Is anyone else from BS93 at Dell?”


Lawrence ”Larry” Fox, BS, of Richmond, Calif., writes, ”2009 has been a tough year for everyone. I know that as of this writing I’m looking for work in HR if possible. (Feel free to contact me with a lead.) Despite that, Heather and I are thankful for the support of our family. As for the kids: Mike, Jenny, and Jacob continue to grow and do us proud in their respective schools. We all hope 2010 will be a better year for us all. Go Bears.”


Gleb Budman, BS, see MBA 1999 notes.

Kathy Pan-Barboza, BS, of San Francisco, writes, ”After six years at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a tax manager serving high-wealth individuals and executives, I became a residential mortgage broker in March 2002 and founded my own brokerage firm in 2004, Elite Capital Inc., serving clients through out California.”


Robert Lozano, BS, of Turlock, Calif., is district sales manager of Hyundai Motor America in Fountain Valley, Calif. Previously he was strategic marketing manager at PeopleSoft in Pleasanton, Calif., and regional sales manager at USS-POSCO Industries in Pittsburg, Calif.


Fred Mok, BS, of San Jose, Calif., writes, ”I’m working as a pastor in a Chinese church. It’s often challenging not to see visible results but there is fulfillment in living out my purpose. Judy and I celebrated 11 years of marriage this year and our four kids are a constant source of joy (and trauma). Over Thanksgiving, Caleb (8), Micah (5), and Abby (3) helped us pass out bag lunches to needy individuals in downtown San Francisco. Elliot (1) might join us next year.”


Tom Lawlor, BS, has started up a commercial real estate valuation and advisory firm, Baker & Lawlor Real Estate Solutions (, providing appraisal, portfolio analysis, and brokerage services for property owners and lenders in California.


Chris Zobrist, BS, writes, ”I’ve been living and working in Vietnam for three years now. Thanks for all the support and warm wishes for my business mentioned in the last issue. If you’re ever planning a trip to Southeast Asia, feel free to drop me a line!”


Victor Pineda, BS, of Los Angeles writes, ”I am an expert in disability policy, planning, and regional development. I have advised international agencies, such as the World Bank and United Nations, as well as state and federal governments, in the development and implementation of programs and policies that include people with disabilities. In 2009 I joined the Dubai School of Government as a visiting scholar to study the implementation of the UAE Disability Act of 2006 across three sectors: education, employment, and transportation. I have presented my work to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Aid and have worked as an associate with the US Treasury. Each year my foundation, The Victor Pineda Foundation, continues to advance its goal of promoting the rights and dignities of young persons with disabilities. Through our different programs we have seen many lives changed for the better. In particular, we have enjoyed great success in the past year in the creation of educational and training materials for organizations that work in the area of education, human rights, research, and the arts. Please take a moment to visit my website, I need generous support from alumni like you to continue my efforts to work to build inclusive societies where young people with disabilities can develop their talents, skills, and abilities and reach their full potential.”


After being promoted to regional sales manager within AT&T’s business services organization, Aaron McDaniel, BS, of San Francisco was selected to AT&T’s Diamond Club, which recognizes the top 1 percent of all worldwide sales leaders in the company.

Denise (May) Mills, BS, of Pasadena, Calif., was married to Keith Mills Nov. 6.


Mark Sithi, BS, of Oakland, Calif., writes, ”Connie, BS 05 (Integrative Biology), and I were married this past summer at Corpus Christi Church in Piedmont, Calif. We celebrated with two receptions: a family reception at Connie’s family’s restaurant (Anh Hong, on the west side of campus) and a reception with our closest friends at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Since graduation, I have been working at Triage Consulting Group as a consultant. I also assist with our recruitment efforts at Cal (Go Bears!), and help lead our social responsibility program. Meanwhile, Connie has founded her photography business, and we are excited to launch it in the beginning of next year.”

Allen Vartazarian, BS, of Los Angeles, writes, ”My business,, recently reached a great milestone of 300,000 members. We are starting our second fundraising round soon. I also proposed to my girlfriend of six years, a fellow Cal grad whom I met at Berkeley. Life is good.”


Husain Misherghi, BS, of Mountain View, Calif., writes, ”I am a financial analyst at Google. Right now I’m part of its two-year finance rotation program. I’m really enjoying my current rotation on the revenue forecasting and analytics team. My next rotation begins in just a few weeks, and I’m excited to find out what group I will be joining next.”


Ruchi Jhaveri, BS, writes, ”I started work as a financial analyst at Wells Fargo’s commercial banking office at the end of June. It’s been great so far. I had an awesome two-week training in San Francisco with analysts from around the country and am enjoying working with the people here at the office. I’m learning a lot everyday and just now getting the hang of things. As the office is in Oakland, I’m still living in Berkeley, so it’s making the college-to-work transition a bit easier.”

Richard Zen, BS, of San Francisco, started as an auditor at Ernst & Young. He writes, ”Hoping to bring sexy back to accounting.”

Jing Zhang, BS, of San Francisco, writes, ”I am going through my very first holiday season in the retail industry. It has been a crazy ride since I started in August and will only get crazier. The opportunity I have with Macy’s as a manager is such a well-rounded learning experience. My team is teaching me all the ins and outs of running a successful business; I just wish I had more brains to soak up all their knowledge and experience!”

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1960|50th MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010



Robert ”Bob” Wilson, MBA, of Eugene, Ore., retired in 1998 as HR director in the US Postal Service and as a labor relations specialist, handling arbitrations for the USPS. He is teaching a career workshop to teach unemployed or underemployed people how to be more effective in their job searching. He writes, ”Still direct congregational singing (now in my 22nd year) in our weekly worship services (LDS), and still singing in the choir (for 50 years and counting). For fun I enjoy photography (love digital!) and performing at the drop of a hat singing to guitar or ukulele accompaniment, and passing on some wonderful old songs before they disappear. My wife, Jean, also a Cal graduate, and I also greatly enjoy our six children and their spouses and families. We have 19 grandchildren, all of them good friends with each other, all musical. We also enjoy family history research and travel to visit relatives. We will be driving again this year from Oregon to New Orleans, via Montana and Brownsville, Texas — 7,000 miles, but who’s counting?”



Christy Reehl, MBA, writes, “My article, ’Cram-down Interest Rates: The Quest Continues,’ was recently published in the California Bankruptcy Journal. I am the author of the book, The Mathematics of Option Trading, published in 2005 by McGraw-Hill.”


Donald Hendon, MBA, of Mesquite, Nev., writes, ”My latest book, 365 Powerful Ways to Influence, published by Pelican, will be in bookstores Dec. 30 and is listed on It’s based on a seminar I’ve been giving for 30 years in 36 nations on six continents. It’s aimed at helping you get what you want from other people in business and personal situations. There are 31 preparation tactics dealing with your overall mental attitude, 121 assertive tactics, 92 defensive tactics, 16 submissive tactics, 24 cooperative tactics, and 81 dirty tricks – plus a leap-year tactic, which deals with altruistic whistle-blowers and willing martyrs. The introduction is by well-known author and speaker Tony Alessandra and there are 23 testimonials, including those by T. Harv Eker, Kevin Hogan, Jay Conrad Levinson, Robert Cialdini, Herb Cohen, Roger Dawson, David J. Lieberman, and Philip Kotler.”

1965|45th MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010

Kent Sather, BS 61, MBA, along with wife Joan, BA 62, climbed Mt. Fuji on Kent’s birthday to view the sunrise. The climb was spectacular and the summit of Mt. Fuji lived up to the reputation as ”The Gateway to Another World.” Kent and Joan are active in their communities of Pacific Palisades and North Shore Hawaii, They both plan soon to help fill out Berkeley applications for their six grandchildren, Amelia, Wyatt, Oliver, Cole, Carina, and Arielle.

Bill Ziemba, MBA, writes, ”I had five delightful years from 1963–1968 at the Berkeley campus. In my youth and throughout my life I have always had many interests and when I applied to graduate school I picked Berkeley — the best school — over other places where I was accepted in patent law, chemical engineering, metallurgy and other subjects. I did an MBA and a PhD, which at that time was very flexible with courses in statistics, economics, and operations research plus the business school. At that time Bart McGuire was an extremely versatile professor supervising many students like me in my master’s degree when I built a model for inventory control for the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory and helping countless others. My PhD work on stochastic programming and the theory of economic policy, supervised by Willard Zangwill, prepared me for a successful career in financial modeling, asset-liability management, stochastic programming, stochastic optimization in finance, and other subjects along the way including energy modeling and policy. I was an early researcher, consultant, and trader in financial markets, in stock market anomalies, risk control, and asset-liability management, and continue the academic papers. Two hundred plus articles and twenty-five books are too much to discuss here, but see for details. In addition to the academic publishing, I enjoy being a regular columnist for the London-based institutional investor magazine Wilmott and run an offshore hedge fund. Recent books are: Handbooks of Asset Liability Management, two volumes (2006, 2007), and Handbooks of Sports and Lotteries from North Holland, where I am the series editor for the Handbooks in Finance series; Scenarios for Risk Management and Global Asset Allocation (2007) and Optimizing the Aging, Retirement and Pensions Dilemma (forthcoming 2010, Wiley); and the second edition of Stochastic Optimization Models in Finance (2006) and Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets (2008) (a cult item which sold for $2,000+ on eBay as the bible for racetrack hedge funds); and the Kelly Capital Growth Investment Strategy: Theory and Practice (forthcoming 2010, World Scientific). I retired from teaching at the University of British Columbia and now teach as a visitor at Oxford, Reading, Bergamo, and Rome regularly and other places occasionally. I enjoyed visits back to Berkeley, as well as UCLA, Chicago, MIT, Washington in the US, Tsukuba in Japan, Singapore, Nice, and Toulouse in France. I feel that my time in Berkeley elevated me to a very high level and I treasure the way it fed into my diversified interests.


Jon Cartwright, MBA, spent over 30 years with IBM as a senior executive with both line and staff responsibilities. When he retired he was vice president and an IBM corporate resident manager. During his career at IBM, he participated in the US President’s Commission on Executive Interchange and was appointed special assistant to the Under Secretary of the US Department of Commerce. After retirement, he was appointed professor of management and organization and executive-in-residence at the University of Southern California School of Business. He was also named the executive director of USC’s Center for Telecommunications Management, a research and executive education center. He is now a senior advisor and director emeritus of CTM. In the early 1990s Jon started participating in local government and service to the community. He is president of a local community organization, the Council of Homeowners Associations, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, mutual benefit corporation that provides a forum for its 60 member homeowner associations to meet, discuss, educate, and resolve mutual problems. He has served on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards of directors, including the Armor All Corporation and the Salvation Army’s Crestmont College’s Board of Advisors. He and his wife, Renee, have been residents of Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., since 1984.


Leadership for Life, a recent book by Douglas Gehrman, MBA, of Houston, Texas, has gotten a good reception and is selling well. Doug continues with speaking engagements on leadership and welcomes new opportunities to speak.

1970|40th MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010



Ken Golden, MBA, has joined Milo Belle as principal in an expansion of its professional staff in the New England area. His experience and skills span 35 years of management consulting and software project management. Milo Belle Consultants LLC is a specialized consultancy that focuses on providing governance, risk, and compliance services.

Peter Michael, MBA, has founded the John Hanson Memorial Association, which has launched a nationwide public education campaign to reacquaint the nation with John Hanson, who served as the first president of the nation’s original government, the United States in Congress Assembled. The first government existed from 1781 when the Revolutionary War was won until 1789 when it replaced itself after holding the Constitutional Convention. Hanson was therefore literally the country’s first president. His friend and protege George Washington became president of the second government under the Constitution. Few key founders have slipped further from the national memory than has President John Hanson. The John Hanson Memorial Association is also spearheading the creation of the John Hanson National Memorial in Frederick, Md., Hanson’s hometown. For more on the association and the memorial, visit Pete continues as president of Michael Strategic Analysis ( and as publisher of Underground Railroad Free Press (, the top-market-share Underground Railroad news publication.


Surinder Brar, MBA, of Berkeley, Calif., writes, ”It was great to go to the new Haas campus, see the buildings named after some of the professors who taught us, and present the Cisco channel strategy in Professor Wasim Azhar’s class. This strategy has also just been published in the fall 2009 issue of the California Management Review.”

1975| 35th MBA Reunion

April 23-25, 2010


Jeffrey Vines, MBA, of Pt. Richmond, Calif., writes, ”I have enjoyed a 33-year career in the field of corporate real estate, all with firms located in downtown San Francisco. I have been married to Lynne for over 39 years, and we have two children. Our daughter graduated from WSU and has a teaching credential from Cal. Our son has an undergraduate degree in cognitive science from Cal and a PhD in experimental psychology from McGill University. My favorite charity is the Embarcadero YMCA, where I was a member for 30 years and a board member for over 15 years.”


Donna (Dorward) Hale, MBA, of San Francisco manages nonprofit enterprises offering concrete solutions to real-world concerns in the community, including K-12 and special education, and job growth.


Joi Grieg, MBA, of Washington, D.C., writes, ”In October, I was named director of science and technology at Maden Technologies, a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, in Arlington, Va. Joi writes, “It’s about time I supported a small innovative entrepreneurial enterprise after my time in government and more than 30 years with IBM. Family is fine and growing with a new daughter-in-law.”


Ron Feldman, MBA, is the CFO at the JCC of the East Bay in Berkeley.

Azmat Malik, MBA, of Saratoga, Calif., writes, ”Over the last 18 months I have been deeply immersed in the clean-green tech world working with startups in developing and vetting their plans as well as funding pitches. The area is getting a lot of good and valid press, plus some hype. In due course it will lead to profound changes in our energy consumption. Sometimes simple ideas can have great impact in a short time.”


Paige Hyatt, MBA, of Denver, Colo., writes, ”I’ve been the vice president of sales and operations for Imaging Technology International in Boulder for the last four years until we closed the company’s doors in October of this year. This was my sixth high-tech startup. We were focused on inkjet integration for the industrial fluid printing markets, including solar technologies. If you’re looking to expand into the Colorado market, give me a call to discuss the plans and the local market prospects. I’d enjoy talking to you.”

William Waller, MBA, writes, ”My wife and I continue to enjoy life in Ottawa, where I am working for Iogen Corp. ( as EVP and CFO. Iogen’s engineers, scientists, and plant operators recently crossed a significant milestone, having manufactured and sold a cumulative 1 million liters of fuel-grade, cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residue (wheat straw). We believe that this quantity of production is a world first and a strong indicator of the degree of advancement of our proprietary technology. In my role as the leader of the finance and accounting, legal, and IT groups, I find it very rewarding to support the work of Iogen’s 250-plus visionary technologists in our quest to commercialize the fuel of the future.”


1980| 30th MBA Reunion

April 23-25, 2010


Suzanne Perkins-Gordon, MBA, of Berkeley, writes, ”Now that my chapter, ’Is It A Chocolate Pot? Chocolate and Its Accoutrements in France from Cookbook to Collectible,’ has been published in the book, Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage (New York: John Wiley Co., March 2009), I am giving a talk on ’The Evolution of an Art Form: the French Chocolatière’ for the San Francisco Ceramic Circle at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco at 10 a.m. on Sunday, March 21, 2010. You are welcome to attend. Museum general admission applies for non-FAMSF members, and lectures are free.”

Michaela Rodeno, MBA, of Napa, Calif., writes, ”After 21 years as CEO of St. Supery Winery (and 15 years prior to that ending as vice president of marketing for Domaine Chandon), I handed off daily operations to my successor and now devote my energy to corporate board service. Between board meetings for St. Supery and Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group, I am networking to find a third corporate board seat, planning my daughter’s summer wedding, and working on my tennis game.”

Linda Wright, MBA, writes, ”I am actively searching for my next career challenge as a financial executive in the greater Bay Area. My position as senior vice president and treasurer of Fireman’s Fund was eliminated as part of a corporate restructuring. If you have any leads, please send them to”



Tom Frainier, MBA, CEO and president of Semifreddi’s Bakery, reported the business relocated to Alameda, Calif., after 20 years in Emeryville. Semifreddi’s is a producer since 1984 of handcrafted European style breads and pastries available at grocery stores and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. He writes, ”We bought a 33,000-square-foot building in Alameda by the Bay. This should take care of our anticipated growth for years to come. We encourage all of you to come and tour this remarkable facility. Roll on you Bears! No pun intended.”

Harvey Rowen, JD 67, MBA 81, a former member of the Haas Dean’s Advisory Board, and now a member of the board of the Berkeley Center for Law, Business, and the Economy, has been named chairman of the Investment Monitoring Committee of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Greater East Bay. Harvey is the managing member of Starmont Asset Management LLC, a wealth advisory and investment management firm. He formerly was CEO of the Merrill Lynch Trust Co. and also of the Charles Schwab Trust Co.

Mary Henderson, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., has been with Kaiser Permanente since 1987 and is now the managing director of the Northern California Division of Research’s Research Program on Genes, Environment, and Health. Previously she led the National Self-Funding Program, the National HIPAA Program, and the National IT Y2K Program. She was also the vice president of compliance for the National IT Organization. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Mary was a consulting manager for Andersen Consulting, where she specialized in health care information technology, financial, and other business systems management and implementation. She serves on the board of Family Support Services of the Bay Area and the Lawrence Hall of Science. Besides her MBA from Cal, she holds a BA in economics from Harvard College and an MPH in health care administration from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

Kevin McDermott, MBA, of Chicago, Ill., writes, ”Amazingly enough I managed to convince over 6,000 voters to elect me to a position on my local school board in a highly contentious race. Meanwhile, I continue to host a local public interest TV show called Public Perspective, and my consulting practice has expanded to four consultants. Fortune seems to be maintaining her friendly gaze, for which I am extremely grateful.”

Supramu Santosa, BS 80, MBA, of Jakarta, Indonesia, writes, ”After over 20 years working as a senior executive in a multinational oil and gas company in Indonesia, I left the company and established independent oil and gas and geothermal companies in 2003.” He was married in 1989 and has two children (21) and (12) and is active in various philanthropic activities supporting education, helping rural and poor farmers, and building orphanages.

MC Taylor, MBA, writes, ”I am living and working in Oakland, Calif., where I own MC Taylor Associates, an investment advising firm, managing money for pension plans, endowments, foundations, and individuals. Recently attended the Haas Berkeley Finance Conference 2009 and was very impressed with the current students. It felt good to be back in school.”



David Critchfield, MBA, of Fremont Calif., ”My son married his college sweetheart following graduation, and the house has been quieter (and neater) since then. I left downtown San Francisco in 2000. Currently working about half-time as a landlord and soap maker ( I’m also attending Cal football games, riding my bike, and enjoying the out-of-doors. Trying not to gain too much weight and to age gracefully. Wondering if I have the nerve to attend our 30th reunion in a few years.”

Kevin Omi, MBA, graduated in May from the Pacific School of Religion with a Masters in Divinity. He serves as executive director for Kaiser Health Plan, with primary focus on IT strategic planning and improving operational efficiencies.



Scott Corwin, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, ”Delighted to announce the successful launch of SpiritWash Crystals, an altar piece business. The Open Crystal Studio Party on Nov. 22 included crystal party favors, no-cost raffle of spiritual items and services, six tarot/astrology readers, three deejays, a stone-cutting demo, and a pre-holiday sale of 30 designs of crystal altar and meditation pieces. To find future events, follow the calendar on or the SpiritWash Crystals page on Facebook.”

Philip Livingston, MBA, of Basking Ridge, N.J., writes, ”I was appointed CEO of Martindale-Hubbell in September. MH, a subsidiary of LexisNexis, is a 130-year-old company and the leader in Web-based marketing services for lawyers and their firms. We own, the top consumer Web site for finding a lawyer and legal information. Our family is doing well, too, as daughter, Sarah (born at Alta Bates), is a freshman at my alma mater, University of Maryland. Son, Scott, is a ninth grader at Andover in Boston.


1985 | 25th MBA Reunion

April 23-25, 2010


Mary (Peggy) Bush, MBA, writes, ”As a philanthropic consultant I am making use of my law degree and experience, my business background, and many years as executive director of a nonprofit. Enjoying the mix.”

Karl-Otto Hartmann, MBA, is founder of Fund Directors’ Counsel, providing legal and business advice to money managers, their funds, and their boards of directors. With over 30 years experience in the securities industry, Karl employs his Cal MBA constantly to resolve branding and marketing issues, develop business strategy, and review complex financial transactions and products. After graduation in 1985, Karl worked for Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe in San Francisco before moving to Boston in 1988. In Boston, he worked with several companies that manage and administer investment companies. Notably, he helped develop the first exchange-traded fund with Professors Mark Rubinstein, John O’Brien, and Hayne Leland in the early 1990s. He lives with his wife, Brigitte, outside of Boston, and spends a lot of time at his house in Cape Cod. He enjoys skiing, kayaking, surfing, gardening, and hunting.



Daniel Engel, MBA, formed the Non-Profit Purchasing Group ( to help lower the recurring costs of non-profit organizations by providing its members with discounted rates on their most commonly purchased goods and services. He is also president and founder of the Miracle League of San Diego and chairman of the board of the California Oncology Research Institute.

David Pearce, MBA, of Milton, Mass., writes, ”I was named audit committee chairman and a director of Dover Saddlery, a publicly traded retailer of horse-riding products. I am consulting as an interim CFO after having served as a CFO for various retail and direct-marketing companies for the past 14 years. Our oldest son goes to Brown next year while our 10th- grade son aspires to matriculate at a UC campus. Perhaps, one day we will return to the Bay Area.”



Richard Reeves, MBA, writes, ”My wife, Shirley (Cal BS 81, MS 85, OD 87), and I are busy renovating an old house and thereby greatly stimulating the building materials and construction economy (and yes it’s all earth friendly). Also proudly sporting new Cal and Haas School of Business license plate frames deep in the heart of enemy territory here at work in Palo Alto. My eldest has latched onto medical physics as a career goal, and my youngest is getting ready to storm a new elementary school.”



Asaf Mohr, MBA, of Hod Hasharon, Israel, writes, ”After 25 years of high- tech entrepreneurship, I am launching a new venture that is all about having fun. Bluebird Riders ( takes mountain bike riders and their companions on a dream sport and leisure vacation. Luxury yachts serve as floating hotels as we sail across magical blue bays and islands in Turkey, Croatia, and Greece. We indulge in the on-board gourmet Mediterranean food, and then burn these tasty calories the next day. With our two birds, Karen and Tal, out of the nest, Idit and I are a young couple all over again. Karen, born in Berkeley in 1988, just started a long backpacking trip in South America in the footsteps of my one-year journey across that continent 30 years ago. And Tal, born at Stanford in 1991, is doing her two-year obligatory service in the IDF.”

1990| 20th MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010

Britt Anderson, MBA, of Los Gatos, Calif., is a trademark and copyright litigator, advising clients on their international branding and intellectual property protection with Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP in the Bay Area. The most remarkable thing to have happened to Britt and his wife, Karyn, in 2009 is their son, Justin, started as a freshman at UC Berkeley.

Klaus Hammer, MBA, writes, ”I live quite happily with my girlfriend, Yu Yu, an artist from Shanghai, between Zurich and China. My art gallery, Art Seasons, which specializes in contemporary Asian art ( is still standing in the crisis and is one of the leading ones of its kind. With two friends from China I also have just formed a business development company between Asia and Europe. We help companies from Asia to source know-how or to start distribution in and from Europe. We also have contacts in China, who are interested to source water and waste management and renewable energy infrastructure. We are connected with a variety of Chinese government decision makers. If you have something of interest, please contact me,”

Scott Hansen, MBA, spent over nine years in the Bay Area working for several software companies: Documentum/IBM, Adobe Systems, and Symantec. He retired in 2007 and moved to San Diego. After enjoying some time off, he started a corporation to purchase, renovate, and sell real estate, which has grown quite nicely. In addition to work, he is focusing on getting in great shape, traveling around, enjoying the weather, coaching sports, and helping raise two children.

Patricia (Karcher) Kirkish, MBA, writes, ”My husband and I founded a handcraft gallery called Dovetail Collection in Healdsburg (north Sonoma wine country), where we represent a group of California artisan/craftsmen. We design and build beautiful fine wood furniture for a nationwide clientele. Now 6 years old, the business has managed to weather the recession, thanks to our unique offerings and loyal clientele. The brightest spot in our year is our long-awaited daughter, Katie Kirkish, who was born in January 2009.”

Christopher Seefer, MBA, has been appointed assistant director and deputy general counsel of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, created by Congress to investigate the causes of the financial collapse and to provide a full and fair accounting to the American people. He is taking a leave of absence from his partnership at the law firm of Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP, where he has been litigating securities class actions since 1999, to join the commission. He was previously senior investigator with the Office of Thrift Supervision, where he investigated allegations of fraud and misconduct related to savings and loan institutions.

Jeffrey Solari, MBA, of San Francisco, is CEO of Native Instinct, an agency designing interactive products for clients like Wells Fargo, Visa,,, and Cisco. Native Instinct consults with companies to develop their digital product management strategy, and also helps them design interactive experiences optimized for the user. Jeff likes to think he’s making the world a better place, one user experience at a time.

Susan (Thompson) Waller, MBA, of Los Altos Hills, Calif., is an HR and staffing consultant. She writes, ”I live in the south bay with my husband, Jim, and children, Lauren and Andrew. I’ve been enjoying many of the local Haas alumni events lately. Feel free to contact me at Happy New Year!”

Caroline Winnett, MBA, writes, ”My company, NeuroFocus, is expanding rapidly and is now the world’s largest neuromarketing company. We have offices in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. NeuroFocus analyzes brainwaves to bring new insights into consumer behavior for brands, advertisers, networks, and all types of industries. Our location in Berkeley allows us to draw upon the school’s excellent graduates.”



Joanna (Wallace) Crowley, MBA, writes, ”I have worked in health care since I left Cal, first for Kaiser Permanente Northern California in various planning roles and then back in the UK in health care planning, commissioning, and provider organizations. Now running Spire Manchester Hospital, one of the two big private hospitals in Manchester, England, and enjoying leading a private-sector health care organization here after 10 years as CEO of public-sector hospitals. Married to Dave (second marriage and very happy) with a 7 3/4 year-old (as she would say) daughter, Erin. Life is good here and hope it is so for all I was at Cal with.”

Adam Hardej, MBA, of Hingham, Mass., and Annecy, France, writes, ”All is well in the world of commercial real estate — if you have the background and experience to deal with distressed and problem asset situations. We have expanded and cover the entire country now on the valuation and consulting side and also handle institutional due diligence needs on a national basis. Just launching another entity to work more on the institutional side of things — Global Valuation Advisors, headquartered in Boston, but also key market coverage in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. Family is doing great. Son, Adam III, is a freshman at the Groton School in Massachusetts, and seventh-grade daughter, Rachel, is off at boarding school in The American School in Switzerland in Lugano. Beth, my wife and a Cal ’91 undergrad, is heading up our government contracts division. Go Bears — incredible Stanford victory in football!”

Steven Sterns, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, ”I’ve spent the last year as the director of IT for Flip Video. We were so successful that Cisco decided to purchase us. Now I spend my time as cultural ombudsman between the entrepreneurial Flip business and the established Cisco juggernaut. At home, I got married for the second time to the same wonderful guy and wasn’t even forced to pay alimony.”



Melissa Kelley, MBA, of Santa Rosa, Calif., plans to occupy herself with literary endeavors in 2010. She has been hired by KRCB Public Radio & TV to organize The Big Read, Sonoma County. Melissa secured a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and will create programs and book discussion groups around the classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She was also hired by the Sonoma County Literary Arts Guild to be the 2010 director of the Sonoma County Book Festival.

Yoichi Shiraishi, MBA, writes, “I was just elected to the Japanese Diet and am now a member of the House of Representatives. I have been campaigning for three years. I will do my best to make our society better using the knowledge and experience I got at Berkeley.”

Tom Stahl, MBA, who also has an MA in Asian studies, started as the COO of LOC-AID Technologies, a location-based services aggregator for the wireless industry. He and Julie Kim, MBA, live in San Francisco with their two children, Leo (8) and Lindsay (6).



Art Altman, MBA, manages research in financial risk management of energy derivatives and related assets for the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, Calif. His near-term focus is intermittent generation, such as wind and solar. He welcomes contact at

Koji Asada, MBA, writes, ”I have been appointed general manager and global head of leveraged finance at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ in Tokyo. We have a team of over 30 professionals, and my responsibility is to promote and deliver various acquisition financing services.”

Michael Garrow, MBA, of Onamia, Minn., accepted the COO position with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians to oversee the tribe’s two large casinos, tribal businesses, and economic development. Michael formerly was the general manager for the Little River Casino Resort in northern Michigan.

Richard Hart, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, ”Happy to report a great end to 2009. Celebrated my daughter’s batmitzvah in October. It’s great to have reached this milestone, and it’s great that it’s over! Followed up by career transition to the energy industry, where I’m heading up marketing for energy efficiency and carbon management at EnerNOC. You can always reach me at”

Jeffrey Johnsen, MBA, of Monterey, Calif., is an IT consulting business owner, biotech consultant, and grad student, looking toward green solutions from and for the oceans.

Morris Noble, MBA, is working as regional senior investment officer at Northern Trust Co. in San Francisco. He joined the board of trustees of St. Mark’s School in San Rafael. After 15 years in investment banking, Jacob Sayer, MBA, shifted careers to join Avago Technologies, a Singapore and San Jose semiconductor company, as vice president of business development and IR. One of the upshots of this is that he, his wife, Mary, and son, Nolan, are all returning to the Bay Area after 10 years in London.

John Schwab, MBA; Kim Fisher, MBA; and Nina Schwab are thrilled to announce the birth of Lila Beth Schwab, born July 9. They write, ”Her older sister wanted to name her purple, so we did. Lila means purple in Swedish, German, and Yiddish.”

Lars Stenstedt, MBA, and Tirra Stenstedt, MBA, are living in Alameda, Calif., with their three children (13), (11), and (8). They write, ”We started a family business a couple of years ago, opening a retail store here in Alameda, SMART Phone and Photo. The store is focused on helping families get their digital photos off their computers and into some tangible form with lasting value. We create and print photo books, calendars and such in the store and do a lot of scanning and restoration work. Each of us had worked in entrepreneurial environments before, but having our own retail store takes the cake! Come check us out some time at 2006 Encinal in Alameda (”


1995| 15th MBA Reunion

April 23-25, 2010


Adrian Ivanov, MBA, of Alamo, Calif., writes, ”I joined an exciting new SaaS company called with responsibility for worldwide sales. FinancialForce is the first and only financial accounting solution natively developed on’s platform. I’m enjoying the opportunity to build a great team and solution. In my spare time I try to help my wife keep up with our three children and all of their activities. Look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion next year.”

Helena (Starc) Pechaver, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, ”After an exciting venture in the startup world (thanks to all at Haas who helped!), I’m now enjoying leading marketing efforts at EMC for the many developer, partner, and user-group communities which make up the EMC Community Network (”



Paulo Penteado, MBA, is joining Huron Consulting as a director in its London office. He writes, ”Ana and the boys are well, adapting to life in the UK.”

Robert Simpson, MBA, was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award from Pima College in Tucson, Ariz. Pima is the sixth largest community college in the nation with almost 75,000 students. In part, the award recognizes Robert’s online course development in biology.



Renee Gallegos, MBA, and Johan Smet, MBA, are keeping very busy but enjoying life in Denver, Colo. Renee made a big professional change in 2008 and left the world of full-time employment to pursue consulting opportunities in affordable housing development, finance, and project management. They write, “The flexible schedule became more of a necessity to keep up with our kids (Graciela, 9 and Diego, 7) as Johan’s role as director of marketing at Trimble Navigation has him traveling around the globe quite frequently. We discovered one upside of the economic slowdown in that it allowed Johan’s travel schedule to slow down a little. However, we were still able to manage a one-month stay with the kids in Belgium over the summer, visiting Johan’s family and working remotely out of our ‘Antwerp Office.’ A highlight of our visit was a trip to Glyfada (Athens), Greece, for the beautiful wedding of Christos Mimikopoulos, MBA 97, to Tonia Korakis, where we reunited with Johan’s former Walnut Street roommates and other MBA 97 Berkeley friends, Marco and Carola Zambianchi and Matthias and Jin Chyung Keudel. We all had so much fun that we resolved to have another reunion with kids for New Year 2011. Back home, we decided we weren’t quite busy enough and decided to try our hand in the real estate investment market by purchasing a slopeside condominium in Copper Mountain, Colo. Although we’re not big skiers, we hope to improve and to also share our home with others seeking a ski-in/ski-out rental in a beautiful Colorado resort village. We hope our Berkeley friends will now have another reason to come and visit us and invite other Berkeley alums considering a Colorado ski vacation to contact us for our special ‘Haas rate.’ ( or”

Manoj Goel, MBA, of San Jose, Calif., is founder and board member of the Indian Institute of Technology at the Roorkee Heritage Foundation, an alumni foundation with several programs to promote students to excel in academic, research, and extra-curricular activities. He is also charter member of TiE (, the world’s largest entrepreneurship organization with 53 chapters in 12 countries.


Victor Adint, MBA, of San Jose, Calif., writes, “It has been an eventful year for the Adint family. Gabriel started first grade, Michael started pre-k, Laura was promoted to director at Xilinx, and Victor left Morgan Stanley Smith Barney to open a Raymond James branch office in Campbell. We would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday and a wonderful 2010.”

Sueli Chiozzotto, MBA, of São Paulo, Brazil, writes, ”2009 has been an amazing year. Some big changes came my way. I got married and gained a new family, since Paulo, my husband, has two kids, Mariana (11) and Bruno (8). Having lots of fun! I also went back to consulting, this time as a partner to MGM Partner, a small Brazilian business-consulting firm. At MGM I will focus on sustainability strategy development and implementation, both to companies and foundations interested in gaining competitive advantage and long-term growth. It is a big challenge but I am very excited about the perspectives.”

Raj Pai, MBA, of Saratoga Calif., writes, ”I have been in the exciting market of big data and analytics software for the last six years and currently run channel sales for a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup, Aster Data. Aster’s solution helps companies, including MySpace, LinkedIn, comScore, leading retailers, and financial institutions, with customer intelligence, trending and forecasting, fraud detection, customer personalization and targeting, and click stream analysis. With all of us generating and consuming unprecedented and sometimes unimaginable amounts of data (clicks, blogs, tweets, SMS, call records, and other digital footprints), we are at the dawn of a new information revolution. Outside of work, I enjoy coaching my son’s soccer team and playing tennis with my daughter.”

Srivats Srinivasan, MBA, of Redmond, Wash., writes, ”Wrapping up four years of my startup ( and still enjoying the ride! Shameless plug: If you need services in marketing, content or technology, we can help. 2009 was a demanding year, but we managed to find time for fun, and watch our two girls (9) and (5) grow. Would love to reconnect with Haas folks, so if you’re in the Seattle area, do email ( so we can catch up.”

Mei-Hsia Tan, MBA, and Ray Lin, MBA/MA ’93, recently moved to Palo Alto, Calif., and welcomed their second daughter, Lilah, to their family in November. Big sister Anya (5) was thrilled to meet Coach Mike Montgomery earlier this year.



Seth Brenzel, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, “I enjoyed seeing many friends at our reunion in April. Currently, I’m working as executive director of The Walden School, a summer music festival, school, and camp. I spend ten months in San Francisco and two months in New Hampshire, where the program is located. Other than that, Malcolm and I continue to sing with the SF Symphony Chorus and run into bunches of Haas folk here in Bernal Heights.”

Gleb Budman, MBA, writes, ”Backblaze, our online backup company, is continuing to grow and gained a lot of attention recently, written up by 100 news sites in a dozen countries, for open sourcing our cloud storage hardware. This summer I proposed to my girlfriend, Katia Bloom, and am excited to say we will be getting married in March. I have enjoyed visiting Haas to hear both Vinod Khosla and Tom Campbell speak. Thank you, Dean Lyons!”

Bryon Crowder, MBA, of Yarmouth, Maine, writes, ”Testing is near completion on the Life Is Fluid Flasq, and we hope to launch our Maine-made, recyclable point-of-use filtration product ’Filter on The Fly’ in early January. LIF Brands will be setting up a foundation and will be donating Flasqs for potential third-world uses for every ratio to be determined sold. Life Is Fluid — Drink It Up! If you have interest in hearing more, please contact me.”

Marco Nicosia, MBA, of Milan, Italy, writes, ”Paola and I got married in Lucca, Italy, on Oct. 24. We are departing for our honeymoon in mid- December, a cruise around South America from Valparaiso, Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

Tanya (Shaw) Steinhofer, MBA, writes, ”2009 has been an active year for me professionally. Earlier this year, I launched my own financial planning firm focused on women and families with young children. Business has been brisk from the beginning, reducing some of the startup anxieties. A core value of the business is environmental and social sustainability, so we made the effort to get the business certified as a Marin/Bay Area Green Business and plan to produce a sustainability report in first quarter 2010 using the Global Reporting Initiative framework. My husband, Eric, has been the guiding light of this effort, given his passion in this area. On the family front, I’m enjoying having more flexibility in my life to spend more time with our rapidly growing children, Brendan, (3) and Ashlyn (16 months). We love living in Mill Valley, conveniently close to my son’s preschool, the freeway, stores, bike path, not to mention the gorgeous trails of Mt. Tam.”


2000| 10th MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010



Jennifer Barron, MBA, writes, ”On Oct. 3, I married Michael Malione at the Mira Vista Golf & Country Club in El Cerrito, Calif. Several Haas alumni were in attendance, including Ann Marie Macdonald, Amber Yusuf, Steve Rowley, Scott and Brisen Brady, and Liz Maw. We spent our honeymoon traveling around Italy. The exchange rate was painful, but it was a wonderful trip!”

Kelly Davis, MBA, writes, ”This year has been quite the year for change! I moved to Dubai in January to help Deutsche Bank expand its asset management business in the Middle East and North Africa. I also got married in June and have been enjoying exploring the region together with my husband.”

Jason Gore, MBA, writes, ”I moved to Boulder, Colo., and now raise money for startups and small companies using PPMs and direct public offerings. My new company is Bissonnette Funding Solutions ( I’m having a lot of fun!”

Jayne Kim, MBA, of Berkeley, Calif., writes, ”Since 2008, I have been working as the CMO for GE Commercial Finance Korea. My son, Max (3 1/2) is my biggest pride and joy. We are planning for a second child next year — crossing my fingers for a girl this time!”

Praveen (Prabhakaran) Kumar, MBA, of Cupertino, Calif., writes, ”Packet Island, the company I founded in 2004, was recently acquired by BroadSoft Inc. The past five years have been a lot of hard work, but the learning experience has been fantastic. For all you budding entrepreneurs, make the leap! But remember that success in the startup world is about lots of hard work and, most importantly perseverance.”



Uri Man, MBA, is developing an entertainment and theater district in Sunrise, Fla., called Oz while working as vp of development at Sunrise Sports & Entertainment, the ownership group of the Florida Panthers NHL Hockey Team and BankAtlantic Center concert arena. Uri was recently awarded the Young Leader of the Year Award in 2007 by the Urban Land Institute for being the top real estate developer under the age of 35 in Florida and the Caribbean. Uri is a regular guest on several national TV news shows including America’s News Headquarters, Studio B with Shepard Smith, Money for Breakfast, and Happy Hour. In 2009, Uri starred in an episode of Bravo's hit reality TV show Millionaire Matchmaker.

Kathryn (Moore) Song, MBA, of Mill Valley, Calif., writes, ”After five years in investment banking and starting my own family, I have spent the last year helping expectant parents and parents with young children take control of their finances and live their dreams through holistic financial planning at VitaVie Financial Planning. My action oriented approach enables families to let go of financial anxiety and make changes today that will directly shape their future. Being an entrepreneur has given me the freedom and time to start the Marin chapter of Womenade, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that serves women and low-income families in Marin, and to serve on other boards.”



Chris Baker, MBA, writes, ”Tara, the kids, and I just completed our first anniversary based in Perth, Australia. We are making the most of our time here by exploring bits of the region when work and our young family permit. We miss our strong network of Haas friends in the Bay Area a lot and would love to hear from anyone who happens to be headed out here. Last year Francesco Carantani, MBA, and Cristina Higgins, MBA, made it through town for New Year’s.”

Hitoshi (Toshi) Koide, MBA, of Toyko, Japan, writes, ”I recently quit Boston Consulting Group and moved to a venture company called eBook Initiative Japan, which digitalizes books and comics and sells them over the Internet. We boast of holding about 30,000 digitalized comics, which means the largest in the industry. I joined there as executive vice president and COO, managing all operations including rights negotiation, Web marketing, and sales alliance. Although only Japanese books and comics are available currently, we contemplate introducing Chinese and English translations in the near future. My work-life balance has dramatically improved. My wife, Hiromi, and son, Kaito, are very happy with it. If you like to read Japanese books and comics online, please visit our website,”

Yaman Kocasinan, MBA, writes, ”After rigorously educating myself in the field for the last two years, I have started working as a personal development consultant, namely in the area of psychotherapy using NLP, EFT, as well as breathing techniques and holotropic breathworks and applying holotropic healing methods. I am also writing a book in the field of spiritual and personal development. I plan to finish my book in two years. In a few months, I plan to open my own personal development center in Istanbul. Whenever I can, I make time to paint as well, but oil painting has taken the back seat for the last several months. Yet colors are still my passion. Best wishes to my classmates from MBA 2000 and MBA 2003. Please e-mail me at if you ever come to Istanbul.”

Sam Shakir, MBA, of Washington, DC, was appointed president and CEO of a newly formed subsidiary to build a $3 billion uranium enrichment facility in the US.



Steffany (Yee) Lee, MBA, and Zachary Lee welcomed their little boy, Parker Lee, on October 8, 2009. They have also finally bought a house in San Mateo and are looking forward to connecting with peninsula Haas alumni.

Alisa Li, MBA, writes, ”I moved from San Francisco to Washington, DC, to launch a litigation consulting firm with my business partner, Nessim Mezrahi, in July. Monunomics provides financial and economic analysis, consulting and research services, and expert witness testimony and advisory to law firms. We perform damages, market efficiency, materiality, and loss causation analyses based on empirical research. It would be great to catch up with classmates living in or visiting the D.C. metro area.”


2005| 5th MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010




Monica (Galvan) Aguilo, MBA, was married to Rafael Aguilo. They are living and working in San Diego, Calif. Monica has been consulting for Nestle on product innovation for the Hispanic market. Rafael is an entrepreneur who has started a racquetball company, Gearbox Racquetball.

Megan Kell, MBA, and David Ingraham, MBA, were married on St. Barth’s Nov. 14. They celebrated on the island with a number of their Haas friends, and they hope fellow classmates will be in touch if they find themselves in Boston anytime soon.

Marcy Lynn, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, ”I’m still working at Sun Microsystems as director of corporate sustainability and responsibility, and I’m still running (I did my ninth marathon in December 2008). But the big news this year is that I married Dave Hershenson in Carmel, Calif., Oct. 25. Lots of Haas MBAs joined our celebration. April Underwood, MBA 07, Laura Ayala and Jack Kloster, Roy and Ayako (Tanaka) Schaham, Moh Palizi, Jenna Feldman, Arielle Rittvo and Shane Kinder, Jen (Smith) Parlatore, Eric Potts, Christine Chun, Kristin Richmond (all MBA ’06), Brent Daniel, MBA 96, and Bonnie (Elgamil) and Michael Sherman (MBA 03) all celebrated with us. It was a fantastic weekend, and the Haas crowd represented well at the karaoke rehearsal dinner and on the dance floor at the reception!”



Jeff McNeill, MBA, of Fremont, Calif., writes, ”I’m training with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to prepare for the Lavaman Olympic distance triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, in March. Visit to learn about what I’m doing and help support this great cause!”

Carlos Penzini, MBA, writes, ”After two incredible years, I made the difficult decision to leave BCG. I have joined Viacom as director of strategy and business development for Latin America, based in Miami Beach, Fla. Sadly we left the Bay Area, but at least everyone in the family is happy as we moved to a small island off Miami called Key Biscayne, and now the kids are enjoying the beach life.”



Moushumi Ganguly, MBA, of San Jose, Calif., writes, ”Survived and still smiling! I am a proud mommy of two children, Arul and Arshia. Both of them are Haas kids. I started my MBA way back in 2002 with a crave and a craze. Thanks to my hubby for pushing me through the limit. I have worked full-time all throughout my Haas journey and managed a decent life. I am an IIT Kharagpur graduate married to yet another IIT KGP communication guru who is now at Cisco Systems. My journey at Haas has been memorable, and I still cherish those days when I came home after a full Saturday to catch up with family. There’s no way I can pay my debt to my family for taking care of me and my little ones while I was either driving up to Haas or catching a South Bay bus and rushing from work. I was with Synopsys Inc. working as a technical marketing manager when I started my MBA, and I finally graduated from Sun Microsystems. I have changed my roles a few times while at Sun hopping between program management and people management. I am now back into program management dealing with Sun, TSMC, and some EDA vendors. Moral of the story: You can do it, too, and make Haas proud!”

Uyen Nguyen, MBA, of Menlo Park, Calif., was married to Don Khamapirad Dec. 12, 2009. Uyen is a consultant at Nomis Solutions and works on price optimization for financial clients. Don is the president of Guide Services, which provides and repairs wireless applications and devices for customers.

Mahesh Rajasekharan, MBA, of Santa Clara, Calif., is COO of SumTotal Systems, a leading provider of Talent Development Solutions, and a portfolio company of Vista Equity Partners. He oversees all aspects of the company’s global operations. Prior to joining SumTotal, he served as vice president and general manager of the High Tech Industry Sector at i2. He was responsible for the P&L across software solutions and services, which included managing customer relationships, leading the definition and requirements for i2’s high-tech solution footprint, and ensuring successful implementations. Mahesh also held a number of other positions with i2 over the past 12 years, including executive leadership positions in sales and consulting. Mahesh obtained a PhD in industrial engineering with a specialization in manufacturing systems from Texas A&M University. He also holds an MS in industrial engineering from Texas Tech University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Anna University, India. He has numerous magazine and journal publications, and he speaks frequently at global industry conferences.

Elizabeth Singleton, MBA, writes, ”I have relocated to Washington, D.C., still with The Dow Chemical Co., where I am managing government business development efforts for the company. My work is focused on developing Dow business areas that are in line with the administration’s objectives, including energy efficiency, advanced energy storage, alternative energy, and infrastructure improvements. Our strategic government engagement ranges from policy and legislative issues to direct sales to government agencies.”

2009|1-year MBA Reunion
April 23-25, 2010

Ignacio Contreras, MBA, of San Diego, Calif., is working in new business development for Qualcomm, with a focus on smart grid and electric transportation.

Luke Filose, MBA, and Lissa Wilson, MBA, were married in September at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Lissa joined Boston Consulting Group’s San Francisco office, and Luke is working for Fenix International, a startup working on human-powered electricity generation for developing countries.

Omar Garriott, MBA, works at Adobe in San Francisco as a marketing manager focused on the education vertical, and plans to get married next May in his old stomping grounds of Washington, DC.

John Pettus, MBA, writes, ”I am at Camp Victory, Iraq, for my second tour as an Army Reserve officer. I’m serving as a civil information analysis team leader at the Civil Affairs Brigade overseeing all US civil-military operations in the country. Meanwhile, my recently founded investment firm, The BearFund, is making progress stateside on a number of attractive buyout opportunities of small California businesses, and introducing a number of Haas MBAs to private equity as associates.”

Alex Thatcher, MBA, of San Jose, Calif., writes, ”Six months after graduating I founded the Environmental Institute of America. EIA is a rapidly growing sustainability education business that gives professionals at all levels the knowledge, skills, and accreditations required to seize opportunities resulting from changing environmental policies, incentives, and technologies. EIA is already offering classes throughout California and will expand nationwide through 2010. The experience of moving from a Fortune 10 company to a small startup has been as exhilarating as it is exhausting. Fellow alumni, such as John Boyle and Ron Berthiaume, are also pursuing projects in sustainability and have provided valuable contacts, advice, and support. I welcome the opportunity to pay forward their generosity to fellow alumni and younger classes by sharing my newly learned best practices as well as my hard learned mistakes.”

Pedro Vasconcellos, MBA, writes, ”I’m moving to the second station in my rotational program at Bertelsmann AG, the largest European media conglomerate. In my first station I worked in the corporate development team advising the CEO in new business opportunities. Now I’m going to their TV production unit, Fremantle Media in London, to work in the strategy team.”

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Thomas Wright, PhD, was named a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. He is also a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Association for Psychological Science. He is the first Haas graduate to achieve Fellow status in each of these three prestigious professional organizations, an honor attained by less than 100 individuals worldwide. He lives with his wife, Kay, and family in Manhattan, Kan., where he is the Jon Wefald Leadership Chair at Kansas State University.




Bruce Heiman, PhD, of Palo Alto, Calif., writes, ”I received tenure at San Francisco State University last spring. I am now an associate professor in international business, specialized in international aspects of innovation and creativity. I love my job and have a passion for my research (based on Williamson’s work — Congratulations again, Oliver, for winning the Nobel!) as well as teaching. I’m on several boards, including a wine-industry startup, two nonprofits, and a sustainability startup, Urban Composting Solutions.”



Sheng Xu, PhD, attends ASSA in San Francisco.

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Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort, MFE, writes, ”After graduating from Haas, I have pursued graduate studies at the London School of Economics, Columbia University, and Georgetown University, aiming at earning a multidisciplinary education. For the past two years I have been working on my forthcoming book The Monfort Plan, which presents the new archictecture of capitalism (Wiley Finance, April 2010). The Monfort Plan proposes a forward-looking plan to redefine capitalism and eradicate extreme poverty in the developing world. In the book I also introduce the Hundred Expert Dreamers that I have met since 2004 that could be brought on board and become the best team that has ever been put together to serve the global public interest. The Expert Dreamers are the disciples of Marshall and Truman. I begin the book with the sentence,“There is a Window of Opportunity. There is no other exit out of the crisis. Let the Glorious Forty begin.” And finish the book with the sentence, “It is time. It is our time. Let’s move ahead.” It is time, once again, to become men and women of stature. It is time, one more time, to become dreamers who love and lovers who dream. We must start the Journey of our Lifetime that will take us to Decemland, to the World of 2050, a World like no other, the World of Cornucopia and Utopia. For more information see

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Christopher Phenner, BCEMBA, writes, ”My wife, Erika, and I just concluded five years in the West Village by moving to the Upper West Side, in anticipation of our first child in January. I had a blast at the Berkeley-Columbia Gala in September, and continue to arrange New York-based supper clubs for those in media, tech, and entrepreneurship sectors. Anyone in New York can shoot a note to, and I’ll add you to the updates.”


Tracy Gray-Barkan, BCEMBA, writes, ”I am a special advisor in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office, raising investment capital for affordable housing from corporations, utilities, banks, and private equity via tax credits and other financial vehicles. Many in corporate America do not realize there are tax credits for affordable housing and that the current after-tax return is 10 percent with very low risk (0.07 percent default rate). This is a triple bottom line investment because all affordable housing in Los Angeles is built to a green standard.”

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Hanmin Liu, visiting scholar, of Guangzhou, China, writes, ”I am teaching in Jinan University as a professor both in business and economics. I greatly appreciate Professor Williamson’s kind sponsorship and Haas’ nice environment. I would do anything for Haas and Berkeley!”

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