The Center for Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH)

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YEAH programming is designed to address seemingly intractable problems in education and society. There are no quick fixes, and to get the success rates we have seen in the past five years with students from under resourced schools and communities, there are no short cuts. All YEAH programming is high-touch and high-impact.

As an independent center at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, YEAH is not state supported and is responsible for raising 100% of its funding, primarily through contributed income from individuals, foundations and corporations.

Here is how you can make a difference for a disadvantaged youth

The Center for Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH) helps underserved East Bay Youth defy the odds: while high school graduation rates in large urban areas hover around 60%, students from these same communities, many of whom would not finish high school, let alone enter college, 100% of the students who complete YEAH's four-year high school program graduate from high school and enter college.

They are almost always first in their family to do so.

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