The Center for Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH)


The High School Program

Parent or Guardian Information

1-2 hours per designated meeting dates of students (days and times vary depending on whether freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) is required to drop off and pick up students from Haas School of Business is required of parents or guardians. Parents or guardians will also invited and encouraged to participate in special training sessions for parents/guardians on family and financial literacy.

Parents/guardians are also invited to participate in Powered by YEAH events, and to give back to the overall YEAH program by volunteering, or providing snacks for the Middle School Program, etc.

Parent Commitment
Annually we ask that a student's parent(s) or guardian(s) commit to 20 hours of community service, which includes 5 hours of volunteering with YEAH.

The program is free for YEAH youth.

For more information, contact Lucas Abbott, High School Program Director

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