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Three reasons why culture efforts fail
September 27, 2017
Too often, leaders present culture change in broad terms that never get developed into measurable goals, writes Dean Rich Lyons in his Forbes column. He quotes Jennifer Chatman, the Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management, who says, "A leader's job is to help people develop the ability to make good decisions, judgment calls and trade-offs--the ones that leaders would make--that are aligned with strategy."

Three Ways Overconfidence Can Sink Your Ship
August 15, 2017
The gap between confidence and competence can lead to disaster, Dean Rich Lyons writes. A forthcoming review from the Haas School of Business examines what professors Don Moore and Derek Schatz define as the "three faces" of overconfidence--describing some patterns that are embarrassingly relatable.

California Management Review
Economics of the Ed Tech Revolution
Summer 2017
Rapid changes in technology--including advances in augmented and artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mobile--are paving the way for significant changes not only in the channels through which education is delivered but in how education itself is structured. This article identifies eight ways in which education technology can change how learning is facilitated and who will facilitate that learning.

Feedback: You need to lead it
July 10, 2017
Dean Rich Lyons writes that that a successful office encourages a culture of feedback at every level of the hierarchy. "Studies show that a team's ability to collectively reflect upon team objectives, strategies and processes can improve learning, creativity and innovation," he says.

Lose those cultural fit tests: instead screen new hires for 'enculturability'
June 7, 2017
In his Forbes column, Dean Rich Lyons writes that 'enculturability,' the ability to both fit in and stand out, can be crucial for an employee's strong performance.

Make every employee a chief purpose officer
April 24, 2017
Dean Rich Lyons, in his debut Forbes column on leadership, writes that thinking like a "chief purpose officer" at Berkeley Haas makes him "better at motivating and connecting our people, and pushes tangible outcomes like innovative and collaborative thinking."

Rutgers Innovation in Graduate Business Education Conference
From Purpose Consumers to Purpose Creators
Sept 20, 2016
Dean Lyons delivered a keynote speech on academia's role in producing leaders who can instill a sense of purpose.

2016 GMAC Leadership Conference
Managing a Business School Brand Based on Culture: A Case Example at Berkeley Haas
January 21, 2016
Dean Lyons and four senior Haas leaders shared the story of how Haas defined its strong culture and distinctive style of leadership, and how it has continued to evolve over the past five years.

BizEd Magazine
It's Time For Business Schools to Go Public
October 27, 2015
Dean Rich Lyons makes the case that public policy should be a more prominent part of the larger business school mission. "By incorporating public policy into its research and curriculum, a business school engages in the full complexity of training leaders, rather than simply managers."

Global Tech Symposium
Incubating Global Leadership
March 27-29, 2013
Dean Lyons and Garth Saloner, Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, reflect on the role of educators in combining innovation with integrity.

International Conference of the Association of Global Management Studies
Globalization, Innovation and Management Scholarship
March 4-5, 2013
Dean Lyons chairs and delivers the keynote address at this international forum on understanding global issues in management studies.

Contra Costa Times
UC Berkeley Is Now More Public Than it Has Ever Been
March 24, 2012
An op-ed by Dean Rich Lyons and Robert Haas, former CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. and chairman of national annual giving for the Campaign of Berkeley, on Cal's public mission.

Journal of Management Development
Curriculum Reform: Getting More Macro, And More Micro
2012, 31: 412-423
Dean Rich Lyons describes the barbell approach to recent curriculum reform at Berkeley Haas: a macro end pinned down with an archetype of the path-bending leader, plus a supporting and explicit culture, and a micro end pinned down with ten capabilities integrated throughout the curriculum.

Values Journal
For Business Schools, Culture Matters
The Values Journal runs Dean Lyons' Bloomberg Businessweek column on why the first step to creating a different kind of business school graduate is creating a different kind of business school culture.

Berkeley: A Time of Resilience and Renaissances
August 2011
The Dean shares his thoughts on UC Berkeley's collective responses to recent challenges—and how they've resulted in a flourishing of entrepreneurial initiative, self‐determination, and operational agility.

The Exchange
Haas School of Business: Building Innovative Leader
Spring 2011
Dean Lyons outlines the Haas School’s vision for MBA education in a spring 2011 article for The Exchange, a white paper series from MBA Roundtable, an organization of global business school faculty and administrators.

Paths to Innovative Leadership
January/February 2011
Dean Lyons calls for business schools to find their own best approaches to innovation.

Bloomberg Businessweek
For Business Schools, Culture Matters
December 23, 2010
A column by Dean Lyons on why a key first step in creating a different kind of business school graduate is creating a different kind of business school culture.

GMAC Annual Industry Conference
November 2010
Dean Lyons delivers the closing keynote address (Video)

Financial Times
Dean’s Column: Leading in a Complex World
October 25, 2010
Dean Lyons on James D. Thompson’s Organizations in Action

The Economist
The MBA Goes Back to School
September 9, 2010
A blog post by Dean Lyons on the need for path-bending leaders.