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Berkeley Haas

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Berkeley Haas Innovation Lab

With Haas space at a premium, school leaders questioned the status quo to accommodate the team-based and experiential learning classes that have become important for Haas' innovative leader curriculum. Located a mere 300 steps from the Haas campus at Cal Memorial Stadium, the Berkeley Haas Innovation Lab is a 2,700-square-foot industrial-style space that enables students to more easily work together and break into small groups with their own partitioned spaces. It was made possible by a gift from Linda and Mike Gallagher, BS '67, MBA '68, the retired CEO of Playtex Products.

The flexible room, which opened in August 2013, allows for a reconfigurable orchestration of tables, chairs, and white boards as teams shift collaboration techniques. There's also storage for foldable project boards on which teams can keep their brainstorming Post-Its.