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Abbreviations: Common Terms at Haas


ABC Asia Business Center
BAEB Bay Area Events Bulletin
BBAY Berkeley Business Academy for Youth
BCEMBA Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program
BCEP Berkeley Center for Economics and Politics
BERC Berkeley Energy Resource Collaborative
BHAN Berkeley Haas Alumni Network
BHEP Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurs Program
BIF Berkeley Innovation Forum
B-lab Behavioral Lab
BPP Business and Public Policy
BRAID Berkeley Roundtable on Applied Innovation and Design
C2M Cleantech to Market
BEE Berkeley Executive Education
CFRM Center for Financial Reporting & Management
CITRIS Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society
CMG Career Management Group
CMR California Management Review
COI Center for Open Innovation
CRB Center for Responsible Business
CREUE Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CSSL Career for Social Sector Leadership
CTE Center for Teaching Excellence
DAR Development & Alumni Relations
EAP Economic Analysis & Policy Group
ECSM Enterprise Computing & Service Management
EI @ Haas Energy Institute at Haas
EMBA Executive Masters of Business Administration
EWMBA Evening & Weekend Masters of Business Administration
FCMIT Fisher Center for Management & Information Technology
FCREUE Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics
FTMBA Full-time Masters of Business Administration
GPP Global Poverty & Practice
GSVC Global Social Venture Competition
H@W Haas@Work
HAN Haas Alumni Network
HSA Haas Student Ambassadors
HBSA Haas Business School Association
HMS Haas Media Services
HNW Haas NewsWire
IBD International Business Development
IBI Institute for Business Innovation
IBSI Institute for Business and Social Impact
I lab Innovation Lab
IMIO Institute of Management, Innovation, and Organization
IR Institutional Research
IRLE Institute for Research on Labor & Employment
IS & AS Informational Systems & Administrative Services
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
MBAA MBA Association
MFE Master of Financial Engineering
MORS Management of Organizations
MPAR Mid-Program Academic Retreat
OITM Operations & Information Technology Management
PFPS Problem Finding, Problem Solving
REFM lab Real Estate and Financial Markets Lab
S-Cubed Social Sector Solutions
SIB Seminar in International Business program
SPSP Sustainable Products and Solutions Program
SRI Socially Responsible Investment
UGBA Undergraduate Business Association
YEAH Young Entrepreneurs at Haas