Career Development & Training

Professional Development Programs for Haas Staff


The programs below are designed to provide Haas staff development opportunities connected to executing the School's strategic plan and mission. The programs are open to Haas staff only.



Professional Development Series for Staff

This series of workshops and training programs is tailored to Haas staff and facilitated by the School's senior leadership and/or theme experts. In these interactive workshops and training programs Haas staff experiment new behaviors and/or ways of thinking.


2013-14 Professional Development Series for Haas Staff


Simpler@Haas Idea Collection
August 26-September 6, 2013


Simpler@Haas Challenge Day
October 11, 2013


First Take, Second Look - Multicultural Education Program
November 19, 2013


Collaborating in Teams
February 19, 2014


Management & Professional Development Project Bank

Through time-bound projects sponsored by Haas senior leaders, the Project Bank fosters the development of professional, managerial and/or leadership capabilities. It provides Haas staff opportunities to learn and share best practices by working in a different role, function or unit at Haas.



Students Always Development Leave Program

This program provides funds for a total of 8 to 10 school leaves per year for participation in activities such as internships, conferences, and institutes. Individual staff proposals for leaves require supervisor's approval and are reviewed by a cross functional executive committee.