Human Resources

New Employee Checklist

The following are items that require action or should be reviewed with your new employee before and during the first days of employment.


Before the First Day

On the First Day


Before the First Day

  1. Inform the employee when and where to report to work on the first day.

  2. Karese Young will send a notification to inform Facilities, Haas Computing Services, and other concerned units about all new employees so that they can provide phone service, Keys, Outlook email & calendar, and Computer Accounts for the new employee. However, be sure to let the Help Desk know if the new employee needs special access to secured servers or databases, or if it is necessary to order computer equipment.

  3. Appointments:

    • New employees are invited to schedule an appointment directly with Robbie Jackson, our HR Supervisor, to be conducted prior to their start date. If the new employee is unable to meet with Robbie before their first day of work, they are instructed to advise their hiring manager of this so that the manager can schedule a 45 minute appointment with Robbie Jackson to be conducted on their first day of work.

    • Schedule a 45 minute appointment with Fani Garagouni of the Haas Human Resources Office. This appointment should be conducted on their first day of work, preferably following any appointment with Robbie Jackson.

    • Schedule a ½ hour appointment with the Haas Computing Help Desk: This appointment should be conducted on the second day day after the employee begins working at Haas to be trained in using: BCal & Bmail, personal websites, backup drives, and Help Desk procedures.

    • Schedule an appointment with the Haas Facilities team for an Ergonomic Evaluation. Contact them at  This appointment should be conducted within the employee's first 90 days.

    • Career & Contract Employees will be invited to attend the Lunch and Learn Orientation hosted by the HR Director and the Assistant Deans. This orientation includes a Building Safety Tour of the Piedmont Avenue facility.

    • Limited Term Employees do not participate in the Lunch and Learn orientation. As a result you must schedule a 45 minute appointment with Gerardo Campos, Facilities Manager, for a Building Safety tour. This appointment should be scheduled preferably for a Monday between 10 a.m. and 12 noon.

  4. Forward the completed Interview Data Form (IDF), Resumes for all interviewed candidates, and the Interview Questions to:

    Karese Young, HR Coordinator,
    Mail Box 42 (Anderson/ Pauly/ Young)
    Haas School of Business
    or deliver to Room S546

  5. Prepare office space (desk, chair, phone, and directories).

    For questions about office space or furniture, contact Gerardo Campos at 2-4617 or Sherrell Gordon at 2-9106 in Facilities.

    For questions about telephone equipment and directories contact the Computing Helpdesk at 510 - 642 - 0434

  6. Appoint co-worker to help orient and train the new employee.

On the First Day


New Employee Orientation to Office/Worksite

  1. Greet and introduce new employee.

  2. Orient to physical environment (restrooms, staff lounge, mailroom, copy room & supplies, computer center, library, café).

  3. Arrange lunch with someone or with the department, perhaps a potluck, brown bag "get acquainted" session, lunch at a campus dining facility, etc. Especially for staff new to campus, it's a good opportunity to orient them to some of the local lunch options like: the cafe at Haas, Ramona's, The Faculty Club, The International House, and Boalt Hall Cafeteria, as well as the proximity to eateries on Bancroft, Telegraph, and Euclid.

  4. Let your employee know about the scheduled meetings with: Staff Experience Analyst - Fani Garagouni, HR Supervisor -Robbie Jackson, Computing - HelpDesk, Facilities - Gerardo Campos, Ergonomics - Gerardo Campos, and (if applicable) the UC sponsored Orientation.

  5. Escort employee to Administrative Services, Room S549 to obtain keys from the Room Reservations Coordinator (Kendall Dockham).

  6. Escort employee to appointment with Robbie Jackson, HR Supervisor, in S546 to complete required new employee paperwork; to learn about procedure to sign up for health benefits.

  7. Escort employee to orientation appointment with Fani Garagouni, Staff Experience Analyst.

  8. Review your office's policies and procedures including:


Review Orientation to New Position

  1. Explain supervisory/reporting structure. Provide a program overview that describes how the department is organized, team member roles, department goals, calendar, and milestones. (Departmental Organization Charts are updated on the web monthly)

  2. Compose and review with the new employee a “Welcome to Haas” communication. The following sample may be helpful in composing your announcement:


  3. Dear Colleagues,

    It is my pleasure to announce that (NAME) has joined the (program/unit name) as the new (Working Title).

    (Name) joins Haas following (indicate relevant previous experience).

    (Name) is a graduate of (school name), having earned his/her (degree) in (major).

    (Name's) outside interests include (list outside interests here, such as skiing, volunteering, etc.).

    Please join me in welcoming (Name) to the Haas community. He/She can be reached at (email) and ext, (number).

  4. Review written job description, Physical Environmental & Mental Demands (PEM) form, and, if applicable, the contract. Both the supervisor and the employee must sign these forms. Provide the employee with a copy. Return the signed originals to Karese Young in HR, Room S546 or Mail Box: 42 Anderson/ Pauly/Young.

  5. Discuss performance standards and, if your employee is new to the university system, the probation period. The following links contain detailed probationary policies. Contact HR if you are uncertain which policy applies to the position.
    Professional & Support Staff - Policy 22 Probation
    CUE/CX - Article 29 Probation
    TX - Article 32 Probationary Period

  6. Explain performance evaluations and timing.
    UC Berkeley guide on Performance Management


  1. Begin orientation to job responsibilities, using the Job Description as a training outline.

  2. Review any training necessary to perform job responsibilities and begin to schedule training sessions.

  3. Review any meetings already scheduled or regular standing meetings.


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