Training & Development for Haas Supervisors & Managers


Haas Manager Toolkit

Practices and tools to improve people management across the school and integrate our Defining Principles into day-to-day activities with staff.  This toolkit addresses four areas:

Employment Cycle - Quick Links for Managers and Academic Administrators

Links to key HR and Academic Affairs information about the various phases of staff and academic Personnel employment cycles.


The Manager Excellence Resource Center (MERC)

MERC provides ready-to-use guides, tools, templates, and e-learning courses to help managers and supervisors transition into new roles and manage team performance.

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Podcast Series

Monthly podcasts on various leadership topics based on research and programs conducted by CCL, an educational institution devoted exclusively to leadership development and research worldwide. Free subscription to CCL’s Leading Effectively podcast feed provides access to resources and tips about leadership delivered directly to an iPod, audio player, or computer.